How can you increase the security of your Hotmail account?

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Hotmail is a free messaging service built by Microsoft and was recently replaced by Outlook. Just like any other webmail, Outlook gives you the possibility to send and receive electronic messages and attach files to your email. In order to optimize the performance and security of your Hotmail account, you should regularly clean it by using Cleanfox, a free software allowing you to delete undesirable emails and unsubscribe from newsletters.

Why increase your account’s security?

It is important to secure your mailbox as much as you can. Indeed, spammers can easily collect your personal data and use them to a dishonest purposes. As an example, malevolent individuals apply the “phishing” technique by disguising themselves as big companies or financial structures. Then, they send you fraudulent emails to retrieve your credit card’s number and password.

Also, spams can contain viruses and this is the reason why you should never click on suspicious looking links. As a matter of fact, the ransomware spreads like a Trojan horse. It affects your system by doing active charges which manage to numerise the files on your hard drive.

It is also important to know that emails travel a long distance and as such, they travel numerous networks that may completely be out of control. Thus, emails can leave copies on those servers and anybody capable of accessing said server will have access to your emails.

Configure your Hotmail account for more security

Setting up your mailbox enables you to consult and manage all your emails in a single place. This also helps you in increasing the security of your personal data. Additionally, you have the possibility to link your Windows Live or Hotmail accounts to Outlook. To do so, you must first configure Microsoft Outlook Connector.

1. Run Outlook
2. A Microsoft Office Outlook Connector window opens
3. Type in your email address and associated password

4. Enter the name that will be displayed in your messages

5. Tick the “Save password” box and click on OK
6. The new account has already been added to Outlook
7. Click on OK and restart Outlook.

You can also set up alternate email addresses to send messages. You can create up to 15 aliases for your address and collect your messages from your different POP accounts.

Delete undesirable emails on your Hotmail account

To delete the undesirable emails on Outlook, follow these steps:

1. Select the message you wish to delete
2. Click on delete above the reading pane

The deleted message will be moved towards your deleted files. To permanently delete it:

1. Go the deleted files folder
2. Select the message you wish to permanently delete.
3. Click on the x tab and select the delete option

When using a mobile navigator:

1. Press and hold the spam to select it
2. Choose the “Select” button at the top of the screen
3. Select the trash icon to delete the selected elements.

Automatically clean your Hotmail account with Cleanfox

Cleanfox is a free software designed to optimise the security of your mailbox. Cleanfox helps you clean your mailbox, delete undesirable emails and unsubscribe from uninteresting newsletters. Also, this tool is available on your smartphone.

This anti-spam tool is easy to use, you simply need to link it to your mailbox. Cleanfox then automatically detects spams, obsolete emails and newsletters. Furthermore, the tool sorts your emails by senders. Finally, Cleanfox gives you the choice between deleting, unsubscribing or not doing anything.

You now have all steps to get a more secure and cleaner Hotmail account.

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