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Having an email address is essential these days. Everyone has at least one mailbox to read and send their messages. Therefore, it is essential to properly manage your email and clean it regularly to optimize its operation. Also, this reduces its carbon footprint and thus helps to protect the environment.

Why do emails pollute?

The carbon footprint of an email is 10 grams of CO2 per year. Before landing in your inbox, the email goes through many servers that consume a lot of energy.
Similarly, when you leave messages in your mailbox, they also remain stored in energy consuming data centers. Indeed, email storage requires a permanent cooling of these data centers.
Additionally, studies have shown that the energy used by an email with an attachment is equivalent to 25 watts per hour. Thus, deleting 30 emails would save the daily consumption of one light bulb.

Find effective solutions to reduce the pollution of your inbox

In order to reduce digital pollution, several simple actions can be taken. Examples include the compression of attachments, the deletion of old emails and spam. Also, you should ensure that you regularly empty your trash can and anti-spam folder.
Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to unsubscribe from newsletters that we don’t pay attention to. Indeed, we all receive irrelevant newsletters in our mailbox. Messages that are not read or deleted immediately. Thus, only subscribe to the relevant newsletters and unsubscribe from all those that do not interest you.

One of the effective ways to limit the amount of CO2 involved when sending emails is to reduce the number of message recipients. Avoid using the Answer All button. Additionally, emails should only be sent to those who really need them. Take the time to delete sent messages and drafts.

You must also apply certain techniques to receive as few unwanted emails as possible. Filter your emails or optimize your spam filter. Blacklist spam senders and anyone with a suspicious email address. At the same time, you will help improve the security of your email. Also remember to sort your emails to make it easier to manage and delete them.

Use Cleanfox to clean your inbox and reduce your carbon footprint

If you do not have the time nor the energy to organize your emails to better delete them, you can use Cleanfox to do these things for you. It is an ecological software that allows you to delete unwanted emails, old and obsolete emails, but also to unsubscribe from newsletters. Cleanfox is available in a mobile version. You can use it on any media, wherever you are.

This tool is easy to use and is completely free of charge. All you have to do is associate it with your mailbox. In a few minutes, Cleanfox scans your emails and sorts them by sender. He then suggests that you delete them, unsubscribe or do nothing. You can choose between these three options with a single click. Once the cleaning of your messaging system is complete, Cleanfox thanks you for your eco-friendly gesture by indicating the amount of CO2 consumed and the number of trees you have helped to save. Finally, it reminds you of the importance of reducing the carbon footprint of your messages and protecting the environment by cleaning your mailbox.

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