Frequently Asked Questions




What is Cleanfox?

Cleanfox is both the greenest and the easiest way to unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions. With Cleanfox, you can clean your inbox and participate in reducing your carbon footprint!

How much does Cleanfox cost?

Cleanfox is completely free ! Enjoy :)

What email clients does Cleanfox support?

Cleanfox currently supports Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail and Outlook), Orange, SFR, Free, La Poste, Noos, Numericable, GMX, BBOX (and Bouygtel), Apple and iCloud.

Which languages does Cleanfox support?

As of now, we support English, French and German.

Why can't I log in?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to log in to your account. For instance, you may not have selected "Show in IMAP" in your Gmail settings. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you encounter any problem.

What does the “Delete and unsubscribe” button do?

The “Delete and unsubscribe” button not only (i) automatically unsubscribes you from the selected sender and (ii) removes all the selected messages from your inbox (they will be moved to your Trash folder, which will empty itself). When you decide to unsubscribe from unwanted emails, Cleanfox automatically sends an unsubscribe request email to the list owner. This may take some time on his part to take into account. That’s why, from the unsubscribe request until the actual removal of your contact by the list owner, all the messages sent by the latter to you will automatically be moved to your “Trash” folder.

What does the “Delete emails” button do?

The “Delete emails” button enables you to keep your subscription while trashing all the messages you previously received from the selected sender (your « Trash » folder will typically automatically empties itself after a number of days).

Will my emails be permanently deleted?

Cleanfox never permanently deletes your messages: you can go into your email and pull messages out of your « Trash » folder.

What if I delete something by accident?

If you made a mistake and put some messages in your « Trash » folder, go correct it as soon as you can. For Gmail, a « Trash » folder typically empties itself after 30 days.


I get an error when I try to access my Gmail

The process of moving emails to your « Trash » folder requires a lot of ressources from Gmail’s server. As a result, you may need to wait a few minutes for everything to get back to normal. Don’t worry, it’s completely standard.

My open rate statistics do not seem always right with my Hotmail/Outlook account

We are working hard on it, this will be soon fixed !

Does Cleanfox store my login information?

Cleanfox takes its users privacy and security extremely seriously. We prefer not to have access to your login information. Cleanfox uses OAuth4, Gmail’s authentication services to access its users data. In short, we never have access to your login info.

Why is my email client warning me of somebody using IMAP from another location?

We use IMAP as our connection to your inbox — no need to worry!

How does Cleanfox access my email account?

To login, we use OAuth4 for the services that support it. To connect to your account, we use IMAP for all services.

How do you earn money?

Cleanfox was created by Foxintelligence, a company which job is to anonymize the data contained in the order confirmations (e-receipts) available in the email accounts of of Cleanfox's users in order to publish and sell statistics on e-commerce and Internet-related pollution. We are a market-intelligence company which sells anonymized data that respects your privacy.

Do you sell any personal data?

Cleanfox will never share or sell any personal data to a third party. We value and respect our users' privacy and trust.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for Cleanfox?

To sign up to Cleanfox , go to our homepage and click on the button to connect the email account you want to clean.

How does the signup process work?

The signup process is quick and easy. Here's how it works: Click on the “Log In“ or “Start Now with Gmail” button on the homepage. Type in your email address. Cleanfox will ask for limited access to your email address using OAuth for Gmail. After granting limited access, Cleanfox scans your inbox and compiles a list of your email subscriptions. This can take a while. Once the scanning process is complete, a list of your email subscriptions will be presented to you. You'll be able to edit them right away by clicking on the buttons. That's it! Once you're done, begin enjoying the Cleanfox experience!

Can I add multiple email addresses to one account?

Yes! You can add as many email addresses per Cleanfox account as you want.

More about digital pollution

How does a newsletter pollute?

A newsletter releases 10 grams of CO₂ into the atmosphere but only 10% of them are opened…

Can I really reduce my carbon footprint with Cleanfox?

Yes, you can!

Since its launch, Cleanfox has deleted hundreds of millions of emails, thus directly reducing its users' carbon footprints. As a result, several tons of CO2 have been reduced thanks to Cleanfox. And planet Earth thanks you for that!

What's the deal with tree planting?

In parallel of its inbox cleaning services, Cleanfox wants to further its positive impact on the environment. For that purpose, we've partnered up with WeForest to participate in the financing of a reforestation project in Zambia. For every person sponsored on Cleanfox, a tree is planted in Zambia.

What's the ecological impact of my online orders?

With e-commerce's booming growth, online orders have a growing impact on the environment. From ordering online to the actual order delivery, every step of the online shopping process pollutes. Find out if you are above or under average in terms of pollution. Also, check out our tips to reduce your carbon footprint while shopping online!


How do I report an issue or suggest a feature?

We love to hear about your experiences using Cleanfox. If you notice something didn't work properly, or if you have an idea for a cool new feature, send your thoughts to