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For every sent newsletter, 10 grams of CO2 are released into the atmosphere,
90% of them will never even be opened...
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Get rid of old emails and unsubscribe instantly from polluting newsletters in only one click.
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12 trees rescued
"Thanks to Cleanfox, I've cleaned up my inbox, saved time and improved my carbon footprint. Nothing can stop me now!"
17 trees rescued
"Since Cleanfox, I've learned to enjoy going to my Inbox again. Try it, it's definitely worthwhile!"
21 trees rescued
"Cleanfox made me aware of the importance of digital pollution. Since then, I only keep newsletters that I really read. And you, what are you waiting for?"
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What's email pollution?

To reach its recipient, an email is successively received, processed and stored by servers in multiple data centers. This data storage is largely responsible for what we call email pollution. The average annual carbon footprint of an email is 10g. Given the huge amount of emails sent each day worldwide, emails' carbon footprint quickly becomes catastrophic. Every minute, more than 200 million emails are sent. As a result, emails are directly responsible for the emission of more than 2 000 tons of CO² per minute. That's 1 billion one liter bottles of CO² per minute.

Spam and newsletters, two major polluters

By themselves, spam and newsletters represent over 90% of the entire email flow. Yet, 90% of them are never even opened...

Cleanfox, a beneficial move for you and the environment

With Cleanfox, you clean up your inbox while reducing your carbon footprint! With a few clicks, get rid of all the useless newsletters that pollute your mailbox, your mind and, above all, the planet.

How does it work?
  • Sign up with your email address
  • Then, Cleanfox automatically draws up the list of all the newsletters you receive. For each of them, you'll know your open rate, the number of emails you received, as well as your carbon footprint
  • Delete old emails and freely unsubscribe from every newsletter you don't want to receive anymore with only one click
  • Once you've cleaned up your inbox, see your personal statistics and measure your new environmental impact
Save the planet, try Cleanfox!

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