Why do we receive newsletters from unknown websites?

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Newsletters are key communication tools used by companies. They are addresses to internet users who register to an emission list. Furthermore, we are susceptible to receive newsletters from their partners since companies share the personal data of the users.

Nonetheless, the majority of individuals do not read the newsletters in their inbox. They can even become an inconvenience for the receivers.

What is a newsletter?

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Newsletters or electronic information letter are emails sent by companies to inform the internet users of news during a brief period. Newsletters also give information on the different promotions and latest news of the company.

The email addresses are collected in opt-ins. Concretely, an individual’s approval must be obtained before sending newsletters. The approval is obtained through a subscription form or a survey.

The sender on the other hand must absolutely divulge his identity and include a valid unsubscription link in his email. This allows the differentiation between newsletters and spams, both having advertising characteristics. Unlike emailing, newsletters are personalized and are periodically sent.

Why do websites send newsletters?

Newsletters constitute a communication channel for companies. It is a great way to create visibility for their products and services. Additionally, newsletters contain ads on top of news related to the company in most cases.

Moreover, it is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty by acting as a reminder. Also, it brings forth a maximum traffic on a website and allows the company to stay in contact with their customers. The newsletters also strives to promote products or events. The company can display their professionalism and expertise by sending these newsletters.

Companies choose to send newsletters because they are less volatile than ads on social medias. Furthermore, their opening rate is higher than the interactions on ads in social medias. Sending emails is a cheap and quick technique to communicate with the subscribers. 


How to manually unsubscribe from newsletters?

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Every newsletter must contain an unsubscription link to differentiate them from spams. Most of the time, said link can be found in small letters at the bottom of the email. In order to unsubscribe, you simply need to click on it and follow the instructions.

When unsubscribing, you will sometimes be asked to fill in a questionnaire, which may be written in English. Indeed, the companies do not stop at anything in order to retain their subscribers. Also, some unsubscription links do not allow an effective unsubscription.

On Gmail, it is possible to unsubscribe by clicking the button above the message, next to the sender. Finally, you can block the sender if you wish to stop receiving newsletters.

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