Which anti-spam application should be used on Android?

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Do you wish to stop receiving undesirable emails on your telephone or Android tablet? Choose an efficient anti-spam application in order to block them or to unsubscribe from useless emails. In order to better manage your messages, use an intelligent app. Also make sure to regularly clean your mailbox in order to optimize your phone and tablet performances.

The anti-spam applications on Android

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There exists several anti-spam apps and they are available on the Play Store.

  1. Adblock Plus enables you to block all the ads and undesirable notifications.
  2. SFR Anti-Spam is compatible with every french phone provider and allows you to block the spams and fake missed calls.
  3. SpamDrain plays the role of an email filter before they reach your inbox.

Apps to make your mailbox smarter

  1. Gmail Smart Reply offers intelligent answers to your messages, in turn creating a massive time-gain. The application uses machine learning to find these answers.
  2. Google Inbox simultaneously displays multiple mailboxes and synchronizes the emails from different accounts.
  3. Spark only sends notifications when the email received comes from a known contact.
  4. Spike is an app designed to make sending and sorting emails easier. This app contains other functionalities like traducing emails and video calls.
  5. ProntoMail enables the automatic deletion of emails and sends push notifications.
  6. VMare Boxer is equipped with the acknowledgement of receipt function or a key to let the emails sender know that the message has been received.
  7. MyMail is a simple and fluid application which comes with better security for stored emails.
  8. Newton Mail establishes a connection between several accounts and allows you to send attached files from Android applications of the Cloud.

Cleanfox, the application to unsubscribe from newsletters

Cleanfox is a smart software designed to efficiently clean your mailbox with a few clicks. This free anti-spam can free you from undesirable emails and to unsubscribe from invading useless newsletters. Cleanfox is also available on Android. 

The application scans your mailbox in order to identify the individuals sending messages that do you do not read. Afterwards, the app offers the possibility to delete them and/or to definitely block them. Indeed, it is possible that an unsubscription link for newsletters may not permit an efficient unsubscription. On the other hand, you can decide to keep the emails deemed important.

By using Cleanfox, you optimize the performances of your smartphone or Android tablet and contribute to the increased quality of functionalities. Moreover, the creating startup Cleanfox sensitizes the public in the fight against numerical pollution.

Indeed, a stored email generates around 10 grams of CO2 per year. Cleaning your mailbox then becomes an excellent mean to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of your emails. This concept is put in motion once you are done deleting your undesirable emails. Finally, Cleanfox contributes to the planet’s reforestation and remind the users the importance of their action.

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