What are the Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac?

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Every second counts when it comes to optimizing your productivity. Mac keyboard shortcuts can help you. Indeed, these hacks save time and reduce your workload to the minimum. Thus, take a look at the six apps and extensions we suggest for greater productivity.

What are the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts?

When you perform a task on your Mac, Mac keyboard shortcuts may really help you or only frustrate you to the point of making your stress worse. The good news is that this article introduces to you the most useful of those shortcuts.

Document writing keyboard shortcuts

First of all, one task for which keyboard shortcuts are particularly helpful is document writing. So, you want to stay focused on your keyboard and avoid wondering around the screen with your cursor. In order to do it well, find below the most essentials Mac keyboard shortcuts. Especially for document writing:

Command + A : Select all.
– Command + C: Copy the selected content.
Command + X: Cut the selected content.
Command + V: Paste the copied content into the currently opened document.
Command + B: Start/Stop writing in bold, or boldface the current selection.
Command + I: Switch italics on or off, or italicize the current selection.
Command + K: Add a link to the current selection.
Command + U: Turn underlining on and off, or underline the current selection.
Command + F: Highlight specific words.
Command + S: Quick save.

Navigation keyboard shortcuts

Moreover, even when you browse the web, you can use Mac keyboard shortcuts to save valuable time. Most of them can be used on all browsers, for instance :

Command + T: Open a new tab.
– Command + Shift + T: Reopen a closed tab.
Command + N: Open a new window.
Command + M: Minimize the currently opened window.
Command + W: Close the currently opened window.

File management keyboard shortcuts

In the same way, you can manage your files and folders via Mac keyboard shortcuts. Many of the shortcuts we listed out earlier can also be used, such as the “Copy-Paste” and “select all” shortcuts. We make a list of the essential ones below:

–  Shift + Command + C: Open the “Computer” window.

Command + F: Open Spotlight.

Command + N: Open a new Finder window.

Command + Shift + N: Create a new folder.

Command + Delete: Delete selected items.

Design keyboard shortcuts

In addition to speeding up your file management task, Mac keyboard shortcuts also help designers skip a set of actions that could have cost a lot of time. To make the most out of your Mac for your design, find out the most useful shortcuts that will speed up your work:

Command + W: Close the window.

Command + I: Show properties.

F3 or Control + Up: View all open applications and swap to another app.

Command + F3: Go to your desktop.

Command + Shift + 4: Screenshot a specific area.

How to custom keyboard shortcuts?

If you find it difficult to use or remember the default ones. In order to organize easily, we suggest you to create your own keyboard shortcuts. To do so, go to the Apple menu and to System Preferences. Then, open the “Keyboard” panel. Move to the “Shortcuts” tab. Finally, select “App shortcuts”, and click the “+” sign to create a new shortcut.

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