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There is a lot that you can do with your Gmail account to increase your productivity. Find out the Top 10 Gmail tips for unlocking functionalities that will add speed and effectiveness to your emailing experience. If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, create one today, and find other valuable Gmail tricks and tips.

1 – Use Gmail Labs to discover new features

One of our Gmail tips is that Google allows you to try out innovative features that you may be interested in under Gmail Labs in your Settings. Those are add-ons that Google wants to test, so they may be turned off at an unexpected time.

2 – Schedule an email

Sometimes you want to deliver an email message just a few moments after you wrote it. What you can do is to turn on the feature for scheduling emails. This way, every time an email is ready to be sent, you will be able to schedule the time it will be delivered.

3 – Un-send an email

Have you ever sent an email and realized right after you left a mistake? One of our Gmail tips is: with some configurations, you can cancel the delivery of an email by the very special feature “Undo Send”.

4 – Automatic responses

Another feature, part of our Top 10 Gmail tips, is the Automatic Reply functionality. Based on a certain number of criteria, you can now have responses automatically sent to particular senders. This will especially help when you can’t reply to messages for a period of time.

5 – Use a spam filter

Spams are one of the most irritating email messages that you may deal with in your mailbox. Fortunately, Gmail moves most of them to your spam folder, so you won’t be distracted by them. Personalization of your spam filter will permit your Gmail to be more efficient.

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6 – Create labels

Also, Gmail allows you to assign every email you receive to one or more labels you have created. Those labels are similar to tags and allow you to distinguish an email from another. Can’t find an email? Read our Gmail tips on how to recover deleted or misplaced emails.

7 – Use keyboard shortcuts

Moving around your cursor takes time, and one thing you can do is to use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to reduce your workload to the minimum possible. You can also customize your shortcuts for even more productivity.

8 – Limit emails with large attachment storage

Google offers you a limited storage of 15 GB per account. But you won’t realize before you are nearing this limit. In this case, you have to delete some emails with large attachments. You can easily spot those emails by typing in your search bar “size:” followed by the minimal email size for your search (e.g., “size: 5m”). You can also clean up your inbox with Cleanfox, and you can connect to Cleanfox with your Gmail account.

9 – Snooze Gmail notifications

When you are overloaded with your emails, Gmail Snooze allows you to deal with a particular email only some time later. Gmail will notify you of an email only at the time you want.

10 – Unsubscribe from newsletters

Most importantly, you are better off without unnecessary newsletters. They only fill up your inbox and then you will be in trouble when working with your important emails. Open those annoying newsletters, and there has to be an “Unsubscribe” button at the top of the reading pane. For more Gmail tips for higher performance, enjoy reading our articles on Cleanfox.

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