6 Apps And Extensions To Help You Increase Your Productivity

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The Internet is undoubtedly a great invention for productivity (it is much easier and faster to send emails than postal mail), Google Sheet allows you to work with your colleagues/ friends on the same document and at the same time …

But the Internet is also a major distraction: Facebook , Twitter , Youtube … There is always something to see, to watch rather than work. It is also sometimes difficult to focus between the flow of incessant emails and calendar reminders.

To organize your work, we have found 6 applications and extensions that will help you increasing your productivity.

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Centralize Your Discussions On Slack

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Rather than exchanging emails with colleagues, install Slack (an Instant Messaging) to be able to chat with all your colleagues in one place. You can chat with one or several people at a time and you can activate notifications to be notified when someone is messaging you and when you do not want to be disturbed, simply activate the busy mode and you will not receive them anymore.

Another advantage is that you can automate the answers to certain questions, which is convenient for recurring requests.

Organize Your Tasks And Those Of Your Colleagues With Trello

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This very complete tool allows you to manage your to do list efficiently and quickly. With one click, Trello allows you to: view your upcoming deadlines, create to-do lists, split tasks among team members, and more.

The multiplicity of options, the ease of use and the clarity of the layout make it the best ally for group work and companies.

Watch Your Emails With Streak

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If you send a lot of emails and if you are lost when it comes to following up with people who have not responded, the Streak extension (only available for Gmail and Chrome) lets you know if your email has been read and how many times it has been. This will help you evaluate the most appropriate time to restart the person concerned.

Concentrate On Strict Workflow
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If you are a dreamer and tend to deviate from your original task, Strict Workflow is the extension you need. It lets you block fun sites like Facebook or Twitter so you can focus on what you have to do and be really effective.

Inspired by the Pomodoro method which consists of working intensely for 25 minutes and then 5 minutes of rest, the extension is set by default on these settings but they are fully customizable: you choose the working time, the pages to be banned … And not possible to cheat: the extension does not offer you to take breaks and does not tolerate any difference!

Do Not Waste The Thread With Session Buddy

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Google Chrome crashes, a cmd + Q too fast … Thanks to Session Buddy these crashes will not be a problem anymore while you work. This extension allows you to save your current session and, rather than having to search your browser history, allows you to re-open all your tabs and / or windows with one click.

Alternatively, you can save combinations of tabs that you often use to open your new session quickly. For example if in the morning you always start the day by watching your mails, your calendar and social networks, you can save the tabs of your morning to open them with one click.

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