How to Turn Off or Delete Youtube Notifications and Emails?

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A notification is a short information that is sent to you on your device. It is often accompanied by a sound. No matter which browser you use, you can receive this type of alert. This method is adopted by many sites, including YouTube, to maintain contact with you. Receiving youtube notifications is sometimes very unpleasant. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of them by deactivating or deleting them. We will explain how to proceed.

Stop receiving Youtube notifications on your computer

YouTube notifications inform you about new features available on your favorite channels or those you have subscribed to. To disable YouTube notifications from Chrome, which is one of the most popular browsers currently, follow these instructions. The principle is the same for other browsers.

1. Open Google Chrome on your computer
2. Click on the little icon with three dots at the top right corner
3. Click on ā€œSettingsā€ in the window that appears

4. Click on ā€œAdvanced settingsā€ at the bottom of the page
5. In the confidentiality and security pane, choose ā€œContent Settingsā€
6. Click on ā€œNotificationsā€
7. Three options will be made available to you:

To disable the notifications on YouTube, click on ā€œAdd a siteā€, then add and copy the URL

Stop receiving notifications on your mobile or tablet

To stop receiving YouTube notifications on your smartphone or tablet, you must change your device settings.

Block YouTube notifications on your Android mobile

1. Click on the ā€œSettingsā€ or ā€œParametersā€ icon on your home screen
2. Click on ā€œApplications and notificationsā€
3. Click on ā€œNotification Managementā€
4. Press the YouTube application
5. Deactivate the option ā€œAuthorize notificationsā€

Note: When you receive a notification from Youtube, you can also disable all of them directly. Simply hold down the notification and press the on-off button on the left (to turn them off), then click ā€œSaveā€.

Block YouTube notifications on your IOS mobile

1. Go to the ā€œSettingsā€
2. Click on ā€œNotification Centerā€

3. Select the YouTube application
4. Choose none in the Alert Style
5. Uncheck tablet on the App and Sound icon

6. Uncheck in Notification Center and display on a locked screen

Stop receiving YouTube emails in your mailbox

You can receive YouTube emails in your mailbox about content or video that may be of interest to you. To get rid of them, follow these steps:

1. Go to YouTube and identify yourself
2. Click on your account settings
3. In the settings, click on ā€œNotificationsā€
4. To stop receiving emails from YouTube, toggle your preferences

Note: You can also simply click on the Unsubscription link at the bottom of a YouTube email you received.

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Unsubscribe from email in Gmail (Cleanfox)

To unsubscribe from all YouTube video and notification alerts, use Cleanfox. This will then scan your mailbox to identify all the YouTube notifications you have received. Just swipe left on Youtube sender to permanently block YouTube emails with Cleanfox.

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Finally, you save storage space on your hard drive and help improve the performance of your device by blocking notifications. In addition, you will be less disturbed and you can concentrate on more important tasks.

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