how to register an email id in airtel: 2023 Step by Step guide

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If you’re an Airtel customer and want to register or update your email ID, it can be a bit challenging to find the correct process among various options available. In this full guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions to successfully register an email ID with Airtel. By following these easy steps, you can ensure a smooth transition and seamless communication with Airtel.

Why would you want to register an email id with Airtel?

Registering an email ID with Airtel or any other service provider can have several benefits. Here are a few reasons why you might want to register an email ID with Airtel:

  1. Communication: An email ID allows you to communicate with Airtel customer support or representatives easily. You can send inquiries, complaints, or requests through email, providing a written record of your communication.

  2. Billing and Notifications: By registering an email ID with Airtel, you can receive important notifications, updates, and bills via email. This allows you to have a digital record of your transactions and stay updated on any changes to your account or services.

  3. Account Management: An email ID is often used as a primary identifier for your Airtel account. Registering an email ID enables you to access and manage your account online. You can check your account details, view usage, make payments, and modify services through the online portal or mobile app.

  4. Promotional Offers: Airtel may send promotional offers, discounts, or exclusive deals to their subscribers via email. By registering your email ID, you can receive these offers directly in your inbox and take advantage of any discounts or benefits available.

  5. Password Recovery: In case you forget your Airtel account password, having a registered email ID allows you to initiate the password recovery process. Airtel can send password reset instructions or verification links to your registered email, helping you regain access to your account.

Here’s how to register an email id with Airtel:

Step 1: 📞 Call Airtel Customer Care

Start by dialing 121 from your Airtel mobile number to contact Airtel’s customer care service.

Step 2: → select Your Preferred Language

After calling, you will be prompted to select your preferred language. Choose the language in which you are most comfortable communicating.

Step 3: Choose Prepaid Services

To proceed with updating your email ID, press 1 for prepaid services when prompted by the IVR system.

Step 4: 🧭 Navigate Through the Options

At times, the IVR system may provide you with information about your balance, validity, or offers. Simply ignore these by pressing the respective number to skip to the next step.

Step 5: ⏭️ Skip 5G Information

If the IVR system provides information about 5G services, press 2 to skip that information and proceed.

Step 6: Access Balance and Validity Options

When you reach the main menu, select option 2 to access balance, validity, and other related options.

Step 7: Request to Speak with a Customer Executive

Wait until you reach the end of the menu options, and you will be given the opportunity to press 9 to speak with a customer executive. Press 9 to proceed.

Step 8: ℹ️ Inform the Customer Executive About Email ID Update

Once connected to a customer executive, inform them that you would like to update your email ID associated with your Airtel account. Provide them with the necessary details and follow any additional instructions they provide.

Step 9: ✅ Confirm the Update

After the call, you may or may not receive a confirmation message. To ensure the update is processed, send the keyword “Confirm” to 121 from your Airtel mobile number.


Step 10: ⌛ Allow 24 Hours for Update

It may take up to 24 hours for the email ID update to be processed and reflected in your Airtel account. During this time, ensure that you have access to the new email ID and check for any updates or communication from Airtel.


Updating your email ID with Airtel is a straightforward process when following these step-by-step instructions. By contacting Airtel’s customer care through the IVR system and speaking with a customer executive, you can easily register or update your email ID. Remember to send the confirmation message and allow up to 24 hours for the email ID update to be completed. Enjoy seamless communication and stay connected with Airtel using your updated email ID.


Note: It’s recommended to double-check the latest instructions and options available by contacting Airtel’s customer care service or visiting their official website right here.

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