How to Secure Your Gmail Mailbox?

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Making your Gmail mailbox more secure is essential, especially to avoid being a target for spammers. It is easy for them to steal your personal data and use them for dishonest purposes. Thus, you should regularly conduct a cleaning your Gmail mailbox to increase its security. Use an efficient software like Cleanfox to get rid of all the undesirable emails.

Why should you secure your Gmail mailbox?

It is essential to secure your Gmail mailbox. The emails that we send transit through many servers and different networks before reaching the recipient. So far, we still do not know how these servers work and we especially don’t know anything about their security. The ideal solution to preserve personal data is to make them as secure as possible. As a result, we are less likely to receive spam and advertising emails that could affect and expose us to viruses or data theft.

Therefore, you should block the senders of unwanted emails or report them as spam to increase the security of your mailbox. Then, Gmail will immediately direct them to the spam folder and the emails will be automatically deleted after 30 days. By opting for the double
Authentication recently created by Google, you also increase your levels of security. To connect to
third party applications, make your information as secure as possible. Finally, you can use a different password for your applications.

Activate the double authentication to secure your Gmail inbox

The double authentication or two step authentication is an option which allows us to increase the security of our personal data on Gmail. First of all, you should modify your account’s settings:

1. First, access your Google account
2. Then, in the left navigation panel, click on security.
3. Finally, in the “Connect to Google” panel, select Two Step validation, then start

4. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen

Afterwards, do not forget to configure backup options to protect your data in case you forget your password, in case of theft or loss of your device.

1. First, access your account
2. Then, click on Security
3. Finally, click on Two Step validation in the Connect to Google panel
4. Add a second step between all the displayed options:
● Google guests
● Security key
● Codes sent by SMS or vocal call
● Backup codes
● Codes sent via the Google Authenticator application
● Recovery phone number

Connect to Gmail with an application password

Once the double authentication is activated, you will receive validation codes. Nevertheless, these may not work on some applications or devices. Thus, you will then need to create an application password to connect from these different devices. This is a 16 character code different from
your usual password. You must use it when you connect from a tertiary application.

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In order to keep your Gmail mailbox safe, it is highly recommended to secure it by cleaning it. For example, Cleanfox is a free and easy to use software designed to help internet users delete their undesirable emails and unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters.

Using this application enables you to protect your personal data while gaining considerable time. Indeed, manually deleting your emails is time consuming and tedious. Thanks to Cleanfox, you can accomplish said task in a single click. You simply need to link Cleanfox to your Gmail mailbox. Finally, this smart tool will identify the emails that need to be deleted.

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