How to delete an Amazon account?

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It is always possible to close an Amazon account and it is free of charges. Still, the unsubscription links are discrete. Hence, it is necessary to know where to find them. Moreover, you need to know the consequences of deleting an account before doing so:

  1. The suppression of purchases on the Amazon Appstore and all numerical content on Amazon Music
  2. The client profile’s unavailability, of every comment and publication
  3. The loss of access to the purchases history
  4. The impossibility to return a product or use gift cards and reduction coupons
  5. The closing of your Kindle Direct Publishing’s account

The different steps to deleting your Amazon account

In order to unsubscribe from Amazon and delete your profile, you need to go to the customer space:

  1. Connect to your account through the Amazon website
  2. Click on the “Help” link, in the footer

  3. Click on the “Contact us” button
  4. Enter the identifications (username and password) associated with the account you’re looking to delete
  5. Click on “Something else
  6. Scroll the page until you reach the “Tell us more about your issue” link
  7. Click on “Modify your account” in the drop down menu next to “Select an issue”
  8. Finish by clicking on “Close my account” in the drop down menu next to “Select the issue’s details

If you do not wish to close your account but are simply looking to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime page
  2. Click on “Settings”

Two options will appear depending on your subscription’s status:

  1. Select “End membership” if you wish to cancel a paid subscription then confirm your choice
  2. Click on “Do not continue” if you want to stop your free trial period from transforming into a paid subscription, then confirm your choice

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