Quick guide to Create a Hotmail address. It is both fast and easy. Please find the required steps and the advantages provided by this mailbox in the following article. First, let us learn a little bit about Hotmail’s history.

Outlook / Live / MSN

MSN was launched on August 24 1994 by Microsoft. Even after evolving over the years, Microsoft always kept their trademark: Messenger. Indeed, MSN changed name multiples times. It was originally named Hotmail, it then became Windows Live Mail before finally transforming into Outlook.

However, the given name doesn’t matter much. It is important to note that other than messaging MSN also allows you to access the daily important news.

Why create a Hotmail email address?

Hotmail gives you access to a free email address. You then have the possibility to access it from France and abroad. Furthermore, your emails security is guaranteed by Microsoft thanks to anti-viruses, anti-spams and anti-phishing tools.

In addition, The Hotmail inbox allows you to connect from any Windows Live ID Website. You just need username and password, and you can access to Microsoft products:  Hotmail, Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live or Outlook.Com and much more…

Microsoft products

Besides, create your Hotmail account is free and reveals to be very beneficial, whether you are particular or a professional.

How to sign up with Hotmail?

Since Hotmail became Outlook.com, it has become less obvious to create an account. In fact, if you already have an internet address @hotmail.fr, @hotmail.com or @msn.com, you’ll be automatically redirected to the address login.live.com, in other words, the one that leads to the new Outlook version of the Hotmail mailbox.

Do you want to know how you create a Hotmail/ Outlook account? Well, here are a few simple steps that will get you to this amazing mailing service.

  1. You will have to go to outlook.com.
  2. The next thing you will have to do is to click the “Create a free account” button at the bottom that will lead you to the signup page.
  3. When you get a new email address, and you will then have the choice of your domain name, namely @outlook.com, @hotmail.com.
Sign up with Hotmail
  1. You will have to enter an Email Id and Password that would from then onwards be used to access to Hotmail. Microsoft will then ask you for getting the promotional emails or not? You will choose if you wish to see Microsoft’s promotion over emails or not.
create a password to create Hotmail account
  1. Microsoft will then ask for a few important details like Name, date of birth, gender, phone number in case you forget your password, place of residence… Of course, Hotmail has guaranteed the protection of your data
  2. Then, Microsoft will probably ask you to confirm that you’re not a robot by entering the characters you see.
Captcha to create a Hotmail account
  1. After you have entered the details you will be required to click and confirm your application which will be the last step to get the Hotmail account.
  2. Click and confirm. Verification will be sent to you through text or email which will ensure that your Hotmail account is created and is in safe hands.

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How do I set up my Hotmail account after creating it?

Once your Hotmail account is created, you need to set it up in order to receive emails:

  1. Open your inbox
  2. Click on “Options” at the top right
  3. Select “More options”
  4. Open “Account management” then click on “Receive and send messages from other mailboxes”
  5. Click on “You can receive mails from these accounts” then on “add another email address”
  6. Click on “Advanced options” then complete the required information (address, username, Hotmail password, etc.)
  7. Verify that the box “This server requires a secured connexion (SSL)” is not ticked and the port should be 110
  8. Select “Leave a copy of my messages on the server” in order to read your messages on Outlook or other mailboxes.
  9. Click on “Next”
  10. Choose the folder that will hold all your incoming messages.
  11. Click on “Save”

Automatically clean a Hotmail mailbox

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Our tool’s advantage lies in its compatibility with almost every mailbox: Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

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