How to Use Google Calendar?

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You may easily get confused as you manage your time at work, book your calendar for family activities and set up reminders for important future events. Google Calendar helps you make the most out of your time without any possible confusion. This article will teach you all the basics of Google Calendar. You may also want to learn how to use Google Drive, in which is integrated the Google Task Manager.

Pros and cons

First of all, know that Google Calendar is a web-based application that you can access from any device by syncing your Google Calendar. All you need to do is access your Google account. Also, you can create several calendars for different purposes. You can have one for your work assignments, another for your family events, and so on. On the other side, as an online utility, you cannot access your Google Calendar when you do not have access to the Internet.

How to add events to Google Calendar?

To create a new event, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser, and go to Google Calendar
  2. Click on any free entry on your calendar

  3. Give your event a title, and input event details. You may adjust the time zone, choose the frequency of the event, and apply a different color to your event. To do so, simply click “More options”

  4. Click “Save” when you are satisfied.

How to share events with Google Calendar?

At times, you may need to let people know about an event you have created. You may invite people to a meeting you organized, or you have set a schedule for your family events. In these two cases, you need to share one of your Google Calendars. Follow this guide to share one of your calendars.

    1. Go to Google Calendar
    2. On the left side of the page, click “My Calendars”
    3. Place your cursor over the calendar to share
    4. Go to Option > Settings and Sharing. You can choose either to share it to a broad audience or to specific individuals. Select the permission you want to grant under the dropdown menu.
    5. Click “Send”

The people you have selected can now view your calendar and manipulate it according to the permission granted. Find out more about how to keep your Gmail account safe.

How to create multiple calendars in Google?

As mentioned above, Google Calendar is featured with a functionality to set up different calendars to avoid confusion. Find out below how you can set up a new one.

  1. Go to your Calendar.
  2. On the left side of your screen, click “Add other calendars” and then “Create new calendar”

  3. Type the name and description of your calendar
  4. Click “Create calendar” to save your calendar

You can access this newly created calendar and add events to it.

How to create reminders?

Should you have any task you want to be reminded of, you can set up a Google reminder that you will see until you mark it as done, and every reminder you create is private. Follow these steps to create one:

  1. Go to your Calendar
  2. Have the Reminders box checked near “My calendars”

  3. Click an empty entry on your calendar
  4. Click “Reminder” in the pop-up box
  5. Enter your reminder. You can also choose from the suggestions
  6. Input the other details, and click “Save”

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