How can you create an application password ?

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In order to use your information on other applications or devices in complete security, it is sometimes necessary to create a specific password.

The application password consists of adding an authorization beforehand for the applications or devices. It will also prevent less secure applications from accessing your account. Find out here how to generate a specific password on Gmail, Yahoo and ICloud.

What is an application password?

An application password allows the connexion to your account from a third application or devices, whether they be messaging softwares or phone apps. The application password contains 16 characters. Thus, it provides a high level of security.

An application password is only necessary once per application or device in most cases. Therefore, it is not necessary to memorize it. If you ever forget your password, you can create a new one even for an already authorized app.

How to create one application password on Gmail?

It is sometimes necessary to create one or numerous application password in order to access your Google account. You will receive activation codes when activating the two step validation, which may not work on certain devices or applications. Therefore, Google will send you an error message when you try to connect to one of them.

In order to create an application password for your Google account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page “Application passwords”. You may be asked to connect to your Google account beforehand.

  2. Click on “Select an app” at the the bottom of the page
  3. Choose the application for which you wish to create a password
  4. Click on “choose a device” and choose the device you are currently using
  5. Click on “Create”

  6. Follow the instructions to type the application password on your device
  7. Click on “OK”

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How to create an application password on Yahoo?

In order to create one yahoo’s application password on your Yahoo account, you must first connect and access to the security page of your account. (In account informations)

  1. Click on “Create an application password” or on “Manage application passwords”

  2. In the drop-down menu, choose the application you wish to authorize and click on “Generate”

  3. Follow the instructions below the password
  4. Click on “Finish”

Use this application password and your Yahoo email address to connect afterwards.

How to create an ICloud application password?

You must create a specific application password if you wish to access your ICloud accounts’ data from a third device and to do so:

  1. Connect to the page “My Apple ID” with your ICloud codes
  2. In the “Security” section, click on “create a password”
  3. Type a name for the application in order to identify it afterwards
  4. Connect with the same email address as your ICloud account and the application password.

It is important to know that all your passwords will be automatically revoked if you modify the main password associated to your Apple account. You will then have to create a new password for every application you are using.

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