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Companies use newsletters to communicate. They periodically send them to internet users who gave their prior consent to receive them.
Nonetheless, some companies will share your email address with other companies. We then find ourselves assailed with several newsletters coming from unknown websites. How can you permanently get rid of intrusive newsletters? Use Cleanfox, a free software which enables you to unsubscribe from intrusive newsletters. Doing this will give you a considerable time gain and you won’t need to respond to a multitude of questions when unsubscribing anymore.

Increase your productivity

Companies send their newsletters in order to make their offers known, they are mostly advertising emails. This communication tool allows you to stay in contact with the subscribers and cement their notoriety. Sending newsletters is done periodically, contrary to spams which are sent multiple times in a single day.

Alerts and notifications that you receive each time an email arrives in your inbox can make you lose focus. Also, they are a source of stress and reduce productivity. Therefore, it is essential to unsubscribe from intrusive newsletters to stay concentrated on your tasks.

Reduce the carbon impact of emails

By deleting accumulating newsletters in your mailbox, you contribute to reducing the numerical pollution. Indeed, emails consume a lot of energy from the time they are sent to the time they are received.

Thus, cleaning your mailbox is an eco-friendly gesture which helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of your emails.

Manually clean your mailbox from intrusive newsletters

Contrarily to spams, newsletters contain an unsubscription link and the senders’ email address is valid. The unsubscription link is generally written in small characters at the bottom of the email. To unsubscribe, you must click on the link and follow the instructions displayed on your screen. They can for example ask you to answer a questionnaire (often in English) or complete a satisfaction investigation.

Indeed, companies do their utmost possible to keep their clients. Therefore, the unsubscription links may not lead to a complete unsubscription. More concretely, you can keep on receiving emails from your sender. In this case, you should blacklist said sender or signal a spam. Afterwards, messages coming from this sender will automatically be filtered and directed in the spam folder where they are definitely deleted after 30 days.

Finally, you should empty your trash after having deleted your emails. This allows you to free storage space and optimize the performance of your device.

Automatically clean your mailbox of intrusive newsletters with Cleanfox

Cleanfox is a free and smart software which allows you to clean your mailbox, delete spams, old emails and permanently unsubscribe from useless newsletters. Also, the tool is available as an application on your mobile application. You simply need to link to your mailbox.

Cleanfox identifies newsletters that you do not read and offers the possibility to delete them and/or to unsubscribe in a single click. This tool gives you a considerable time gain since you will not need to delete the newsletters one by one or answer to questionnaires to unsubscribe. Moreover, the unsubscription is permanent.

Finally, statistics will be displayed on your screen by Cleanfox after using the software. These statistics indicate the quantity of CO2 consumed and the number of trees saved thanks to the emails you deleted.

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