Which anti-spam app should be used on an iPhone?

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Are you tired of receiving undesirable emails on your iPhone? Know that there exist several ways to shield yourself from messages sent by unknown individuals. Since your iPhone does not always allow you to block them from your address through the application, you can install an intelligent anti-spam application like Cleanfox in order to definitely delete these emails.

The anti-spam applications on iPhone

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It is possible to sort out spams from an iPhone without having to connect from a computer. However, this option is only available on iOS 8 and superior versions. Therefore, Anti-spam applications represent a good alternative. Moreover, you can directly your spammer from iCloud.

  1. iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is an application which allows you to freely delete the useless files, corrupted, cookies, etc.
  2. SpamDrain Anti Spam automatically filters the spams and newsletters before they reach your iPhone. Plus, the app offers a 14 days free trial period. Still, you will need to subscribe to their services.
  3. Spam Filter for iPhone identifies the emails, SMS, and calls coming from a spammer and automatically blocks them

Applications to make your mailbox smarter

The App Store holds numerous smart iOS messaging applications. A smart app only displays the important emails and hides the rest.

  1. Spark allows a customization of your inbox, of fast answers and a synchronization with iCloud. The App also gives you the possibility to add or delete widgets such as the calendar. Finally, you can also pin your messages.
  2. Google Inbox also possesses interesting functionalities. It helps you to identify the emails with attached files, updates on articles you bought, etc. The application identifies 3 frequent contacts for you. For every mail received, Google Inbox offers 3 smart answers.
  3. Mail by EasilyDo is equipped with an Assistant function which automatically follows your travel plans, packages, bills or any spending related to your entertainment. Finally, the application also has the Undo Sent function.
  4. Microsoft Outlook is available on iPhone
  5. Unibox sorts the emails by contact and displays the number of unread emails by sender

You can also opt for a paying iOS mailbox such as Newton or Airmail. These applications have a multitude of smart functionalities such as a reading confirmation, cancellation of sent emails, emails plan, etc.

Cleanfox, the application that allows you to unsubscribe from newsletters

Created by the Foxintelligence Startup, Cleanfox is a software designed to delete the undesirable emails and unsubscribe from newsletters. Cleanfox is also available as a compatible application with all the messaging services on iPhone. Thus, you can freely download it from the app store.

This application sorts out the emails and identifies the old emails, spams, drafts and unread newsletters. Then, you can choose between deleting them, unsubscribing or blocking the senders in a single click. Also, you can choose to keep the emails which seem important. Regarding this issue, you can always retrieve an email in the trash of your mailbox if you ever delete one by mistake.

Cleanfox allows you to efficiently clean your mailbox and in absolute security. Indeed, Foxintelligence respects the GRDP and does not share any personal data to third parties. Cleanfox generates wealth thanks to anonymous statistics.

After every usage, Cleanfox displays the quantity of CO2 saved and the number of trees saved. In fact, one of Foxintelligence’s main objectives lies in the reduction of numerical pollution. It is an excellent way to thank the user for his eco friendly action.

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