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Undesirable emails or spams mostly represent a hindrance to their receivers. Plus, they are a source of distraction and reduce productivity especially when they flood your mailbox instead of reaching your anti-spam filter. Thankfully, free anti-spam software can block all these advertising emails, which represent a threat in terms of security.

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What is a spam?

A spam is an email destined to unknown receivers, to a commercial or fraudulent end. In most of the cases, these undesirable emails come from an invalid email address. Hence, you cannot unsubscribe from these messages, contrary to the newsletters for which you have given your prior consent.

Other than the visual pollution generated, spams consume electronic resources (storage space and bandwidth). Additionally, they contribute to the hacking of emails: theft or destruction of information, identity scams, money theft, etc. Therefore, you should never answer to a spam nor should you follow instructions inciting you to delete your address from spam sending lists.

Spams can be divided in several categories:

  1. Default spams: They are mainly publicity for products (Most of them are pronographic services, medication against aging, cracked softwares), alerts on viruses, chain letters, propositions to become wealthier, etc.
  2. Scams: They are cyber-scams in which you are to recuperate millions of euros in exchange of a small percentage
  3. Phishing: This technique is designed to steal usernames, passwords or credit card numbers.
  4. Bounces: This term groups the non-issued emails sent by servers that reach you when you have failed to send an email. In this case, spammers have stolen your identity

How can I manually block them?

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Your mailbox is flooded by undesirable emails ? Manually block your spams!

  1. Do not answer to unrequested emails: Do not click on suggested links and boxes to (un)tick!
  2. Create at least two email addresses and do not mention them on forums or group discussions. You can also resort to temporary emails
  3. Censor the easily identifiable spam addresses and block your mailbox’s access to undesirable senders on Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Eudora, Mozilla Mail, etc.
  4. Cancel your subscription to your various newsletters and only keep those that seem useful
  5. Automatically sort your email upon arrival by category: sender’s email, presence or not of an attached file, recurring themes (free, millions of dollars, 0% credit), keywords (free sex or low rates for example)
  6. Set up your mailbox to only receive emails from your contact list. This solution is rather radical but efficient.
  7. The drastic solution would consist of changer your email address

The different automatic solutions

Instead of manually deleting your spam, you can opt for softwares designed to automatically block them. Here are a few examples of anti-spam solutions:

  1. Altospam: It is an anti-spam, an anti-virus and an anti-phishing tool that blocks spams ahead of your mailbox thanks to an external server.
  2. Bitdefender: This anti-virus with an anti-spam function helps in protecting against the most virulent of attacks.
  3. MailInBlack: Incoming emails are first filtered by an intermediary server before entering your digital space.
  4. Postbox: Multifunctional, this solution allows the customization of your inbox and also installs an anti-spam tool in your mailbox.
  5. McAfee: This software protects all your devices (mobile, tablet, smartphone…) and all your operating systems (IOS, Android…)
  6. SPAMfighter: This free tool filters any text on the basis of keywords or sentences and blocks emails written in specific languages.
  7. Anti-Spam v2019: This tool requires the sender to identify before sending an email, hence guaranteeing your emails confidentiality.

Cleanfox, the best free newsletters cleaner

Its capacity to quickly clean your mailbox makes Cleanfox the best solution to free yourself from spams and newsletters that don’t interest you anymore. This free cleaner is also available as an App on IPhone or Android.

You can unsubscribe from every cumbersome email in a single click. Specifically, Cleanfox scans your mailbox and identifies the highest number of forgotten emails. Then, Cleanfox will suggest you to delete all of them or unsubscribe.

Every stored email generates 10g of CO2 per year in average. Putting this finding forth, Cleanfox contributes to the planet’s reforestation and this is one of the criteria making this software the best free anti-spam.

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