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Today, when navigating on the web, you will be asked on most websites to subscribe to a newsletter. Possibly for information purposes or selling a product, the companies use this communication channel in their marketing strategies.

Eventually, these messages become a burden for your mailbox and you decide to stop receiving them. If you do not know how to proceed. This article will help you to easily unsubscribe from newsletters that are useless.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter, also known as electronic information letters or info letters, is a message that companies send to inform you of all the news of a given period. Still, newsletters are only sent to individuals who gave their prior consent. They will keep you informed of the last promotions and new products.

Receivers can be a company’s employees, members of a group work, customers or simple internet users who accessed their websites. This process is part of the companies loyalty strategy. Hence, the web traffic intensifies when sending a newsletter, which increases the sales possibilities.

Additionally, a newsletter can be mixed, similar to an advertising email. Free information and promotional offers are offered to the customers. Finally, the company also offers their new products when an internet user opens a newsletter.

Emailing is different from sending newsletters because the first one is a punctual sending whereas the second is a mass sending, sometimes against the consent of the receivers. Therefore, this practice is similar to spamming and completely ignores the GDPR. It is also possible for a website to share your email address with their partners. They will then also send you newsletters and rapidly fill your mailbox.

How to manually unsubscribe from a newsletter?

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When registering to a newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any given moment if you do not wish to receive emails from companies anymore. It is also an excellent mean to clean your mailbox.

Every newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe, which is not the case for spams. You only need to follow the link and click on unsubscribe. Nevertheless, the procedure can be a complex one especially with various forms to fill, boxes to check , etc. Furthermore, it is a possibility that the unsubscription links do not fully work.

Moreover, you may miss the unsubscription link due to your hastiness or their small characters. On Gmail, you can unsubscribe from any newsletter by clicking on the button at the top of the email, next to the sender. You simply need to click on it. Besides, Orange offers the possibility to put a sender on the red list.

How to unsubscribe from all these newsletters in a single click?

If you are tired of receiving promotional emails or Groupon alerts or if you wish to free up your mailbox’s storage space, use a software that identifies the useless newsletters, spams and advertising emails. Given the fact that newsletters are received periodically, you can even forget ever subscribing to them.

Nonetheless, your computer can easily be slowed down by the accumulation of promotional emails. You must then clean your mailbox and get rid of everything deemed useless.

Cleanfox is a free application that automatically identifies all your undesirable newsletters. With a single click, all your unread emails are displayed before your eyes. Then, the software suggests to delete and/or to unsubscribe.

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