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You just created an email address and have difficulties properly using it? It is possible to consult your messages on a single platform and manage your personal and professional emails at any moment on any device. In order to optimize your mailbox performances, it is important to sort and clean it regularly. Thus, you can use a smart application like Cleanfox to get rid of useless emails such as spams, old emails and unnecessary newsletters.

Consult your mails on your phone or tablet?

In order to read your emails on an Android smartphone, iPhone or a tablet and properly manage them, you can install the application corresponding to your messaging provider. To do so, you simply need to download the application on the App Store on Apple or the Play Store on Android.

On iPhones and iPads:

  1. Go to your Mail app
  2. Choose your Webmail provider: Gmail, Yahoo!, Mail, Outlook, etc.
  3. Fill in your email address and your password

On Android:

  1. Go to installed by default application E-Mail
  2. Fill in your email address and associated password
  3. Click on Next
  4. Configure the options your account
  5. Click on Next
  6. Enter the name of your account
  7. Click on Next

Consult your emails on computer:

You have the possibility to easily read your emails from your computer and that is valid for any provider of electronic messaging.

  1. Connect yourself from your web navigator
  2. Select the provider associated to your Webmail
  3. Fill in your email address and associated password
  4. Tick the box Keep me connected in order to save your identifications (Not recommended if using a shared computer)
  5. At the left of the screen, you can see your different folders: Inbox, Spam, Drafts, Sent, Trash.
  6. On the right, you have the list of messages contained in your different folders
  7. Click on the folder you wish to consult in order to see the list of emails

Reading and managing your emails with an application

2 applications are installed by default on Android: Gmail and E-Mail. Gmail can recuperate all the POP and IMAP accounts, enabling you to synchronise the emails of different account.

Therefore, you can download third applications: we have prepared a non exclusive list of email reading tools:

  1. Spike: The application has a research function and a message sorting system. Furthermore, the emails can be translated in a few clicks. Finally, you can do video and audio calls.
  2. ProntoMail: It is a platform of secure email management. This tool noticeably boasts an automatic message deletion function.
  3. VMware Boxer: The application contains a like button to notify the senders that you have received the message.
  4. Outlook: You can synchronise your agenda and contacts, send emails, display folders, etc. Also, you can put the important messages in display.

Clean your mailbox

Cleanfox allows you to delete the undesirable emails and unsubscribe from uninteresting newsletters. You can use this application to better organize your messages and gain space on computer, laptop or tablet.

After a quick scan of your emails based on the senders, Cleanfox gives you the possibility to either delete them or unsubscribe. Cleaning your mailbox is essential to increase your device’s capacity.

Scan the QR code with your mobile to get rid of useless emails.

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