How to configure your mailbox?

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Configuring your mailbox gives you the possibility to simultaneously access all your mailboxes: Orange, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. It also helps you to clean your mailbox, increase its productivity and gain efficiency. Furthermore, your personal data enjoys an increased security. Find out how to better manage your mailbox and how to fully profit from it.

Why configure your mailbox?

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It is possible to access your different mailboxes by importing your contacts and emails to better consult and store them. Configuring your mailbox also permits you to synchronize the messages and folders of your devices. Finally, there is an automatic update upon your next connection when modifying the settings of your account.

Configure your mailbox for increased security

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Having access to all your messages at the same time brings forth more security. You can easily sort them in different folders to better manage them. Additionally, you can use a filter for undesirable messages. Hence, you can blacklist the emails coming from a specific sender or you can come create a list of important email addresses.

For an optimal security of your mailbox, avoid using your emails address on forums and discussion groups. Instead, use a pseudonym and another email address. Therefore, you will receive less spams and will contribute greatly to the security of your personal data.

Configure your mailbox for more productivity

Receiving multiple notifications for every message received on your different mailboxes can make them less efficient and increases your stress level. Nonetheless, deleting the sound and visual alerts is insufficient to optimize concentration. Then, configuring your mailbox becomes essential to gain time and be worriless.

You can then fully concentrate on your work’s heart, which simplifies your everyday life. When sorting messages, use adequate keywords and put your emails in personalised folders. Finally, don’t forget to empty your trash to gain storage when cleaning your mailbox.

Use Cleanfox for an optimal mailbox

Sorting, creating folders and using filters is not always sufficient to manage your mailbox. This is the reason why you must sometimes clean out your mailboxes in order to only keep the important messages.

If you wish to delete obsolete and undesirable emails, or unsubscribe from unread newsletters, use a smart application like Cleanfox. This free software allows you to do these tasks easily while avoiding time waste and the manual deletion of your messages.

Cleanfox is compatible with almost every mailbox: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, ICloud… You simply need to associate your mailbox to this tool, which will scan your messages in complete security before sorting them by sender.

Therefore, you do not need to read your messages once at a time before deleting them. You can also avoid answering spams by mistake, which is potentially dangerous. With a single click, Cleanfox allows you to delete the emails from specific senders, old or new. Furthermore, you can decide to stop receiving emails from them by unsubscribing from unsolicited newsletters.

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