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It is important to regularly free space in your email storage. If your professional mailbox is invaded by tons of unnecessary emails, this will affect your productivity and also your mood.

To efficiently clean your mailbox, choose Cleanfox, a software easy to use which helps doing an informatic cleansing by deleting unnecessary emails with only a few clicks.

Your professional mailbox

Having a professional mailbox is essential in gaining and maintaining the trust of your clients. A professional mailbox must allow the storage of messages and important information in complete security. Hence, giving a professional email address to each of your employees is a good way to optimize productivity and their collaboration.

Furthermore, all the users in your domain must be able to synchronize their emails, events and contacts. Protect your company data by choosing a trustworthy mailbox with the latest security measures.

You can choose to use the mailbox offered by your host or externalize your mailbox by using the services of specialized email providers. The informatic administrators must be able to access the accounts of the entirety of your collaborators in a centralised manner.

Make a better use of your professional mailbox 

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The good management of your professional mailbox shapes the entirety of your work. In order to stop receiving advertising emails and newsletters, do not use your professional email address when connecting to forums or buying online. The best solution would be to create a personal email address for these activities.

Also, you must delete the useless emails and archive the old once to gain storage space:

  1. Verify the heavy emails and sort them out to find the unnecessary ones. You can do these actions manually or by using a software
  2. Once you have cleaned your mailbox, do not forget to empty the trash

Besides, you can blacklist the senders from which you do not wish to receive messages anymore. Your mailbox will automatically redirect them to your undesirable emails. Consider using an effective anti-spam solution to protect your data.


Use Cleanfox to delete the undesirable emails from your mailbox

 Thanks to Cleanfox, you can easily get rid off every undesirable email which overload your mailbox: spams, newsletters, old messages… This application sorts your messages by sender and offers the possibility to delete them, unsubscribe or to keep them, in a single click.

Then, you will obtain a better visibility of your workload. You will gain in productivity because you will only be concentrated on the interesting emails. Furthermore, you do an eco-friendly gesture.


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