Outlook vs Yahoo – Which is the Best Email Provider?

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In the professional world, we are known by our email addresses, which we would not want to change too frequently. That is one reason why you need to pick the best email provider out there. In this article, we are going to compare two of the best email providers you can pick from, Outlook and Yahoo. If you don’t have a Yahoo account yet, find out how you can create one here.

What are the Yahoo advantages?

When it comes to choosing an email provider, you will think inevitably about what one email provider has but another doesn’t. In particular, Yahoo has certain specific features that characterize it.

Yahoo’s specific services

Owning a Yahoo account implies you have access to one of the most popular email providers today, including its Yahoo mail app. In addition to Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Weather, and other embedded apps that you can easily access, you can also freely customize the appearance of your inbox. You can personalize the theme of your inbox by adding an image to it.

You can also adjust the layout of your inbox while choosing the right space between your emails. In addition to personalizing your theme, you can also have an alias account for your security as you may later need to give your email address to a subscription service or a company.

Is Yahoo better than Outlook?

Does that make Yahoo better than Outlook? It is still hard to say which one is better. Outlook also provides specific features, but knowledge of those features may not be enough to make a decision. Below, we lay out a side-by-side comparison of Yahoo and Outlook based on four basic criteria.

Editing emails

Yahoo has a very neat user interface that allows you to pop up an email editing window right after you click on a “Compose” button above your folders. Outlook, on the other hand, has opted for a “New” button, not above your folders, but at the top of the screen, which makes it really easy to see. Both offer a reading pane you can enable, but with Yahoo you can choose where you want it to be.

Spam Filter

When it comes to spam filtering, Outlook offers poor anti-spam service, and a lot of spams get through to your inbox. Yahoo does a better job in this respect. But both allow you to set up your spam filter for better results.

Storage Space

Another difference between the two email providers lies in the storage space they offer their respective users. With your Outlook account, you are free to use a 10-GB storage for your emails and OneDrive. Should you need more space, you can upgrade your free account. Clean up your Hotmail mailbox for more space. Your free Yahoo account lets you use a 1-TB storage for your data, a space you would need to purchase with other email providers.

Email management: folder and filter

Both email providers allow you to organize your emails in folders of your choice, and you can access those folders on the left side of the window. As you manage your inbox, an extra feature that you get to experience with Outlook is the “Pin” functionality.

For you to work on individual important emails later on, you can simply pin them, and they will stay at the top of your inbox. For better email management, find out more on how you can clean up your Yahoo mailbox. At Cleanfox, we give various tips and tools for your emailing experience while helping save the environment.

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