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Cleaning your mailbox frees up storage space and contributes greatly to the protection of the environment. Indeed, an email leaves a considerable energetic impact, around 10 grams of CO2 per year. The Cleanfox software helps you get rid of your unnecessary emails while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

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Why clean your mailbox?

When sending an email, it is first transmitted to the data center of your provider through your network’s local loop. Afterwards, it is received, treated and stored on servers, before being sent to your receiver’s data center, where the same steps are followed.

All of this consumes a lot of energy and is at the origin of a considerable climatic impact, which increases based on attached files, the number of receivers, the storage time of emails…. You must have realized it, emptying your mailbox represents an eco-friendly gesture.

Cleaning your mailbox for more productivity

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The opening rates and clicks can degrade once your mailbox becomes saturated. Cleaning your mailbox increases the deliverability of your emails. At the same time, you free up space on your computer hence contributing to increased performances.

Therefore, you gain a better visibility of your workload and important emails. Furthermore, you can also decrease the stress linked to untreated emails. Finally, you won’t need to always check your mailbox once your emails have been properly sorted in order to only keep the important ones. Hence, you can increase your productivity.

Clean your mailbox and act for the environment

Sending and storing emails are done in several secure data centers which consume a lot of energy and greatly contribute to global warming. Thus, it is essential to regularly empty your mailbox by deleting useless messages but also attached files. Indeed, storing these emails can be done twice or thrice which consumes even more energy.

Additionally, think about deleting the messages in your inbox and empty your trash. Cleaning your mailbox contributes to considerably reducing the numerical pollution. You must also make your emails lighter and only send them to the intended individuals.

Use Cleanfox to clean your mailbox

The non deleted emails waste energy and increase the production of CO2. Cleanfox is a free software which helps you choose the newsletters you wish to continue receiving and those you wish to delete. It is then easier to unsubscribe from newsletters. Moreover, this software allows you to delete old emails, rough drafts, undesirable messages and spams. This software only accesses to emails titles without retrieving personal data, hence guaranteeing the security of your informations.

After every cleansing, Cleanfox displays the quantity of CO2 and number of trees saved. Thus, the tool puts an emphasis on the carbon results and the planets’ preservation. Furthermore, Cleanfox works in tandem with WeForest, an international organization which dedicates a part of their revenue to plant trees in Zambia.

Finally, having integrated the GRDP, Cleanfox constitutes a good alternative to unrollme, which does not take the cleaning of emails of individuals residing in Europe.

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