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Is your computer slow when starting and web pages take a long time to display? It is time to clean your mailbox to free space in your storage and increase your computers’ performance. Sort out your messages by using a cleaning application. You only know and you are searching for an alternative to ?Use Cleanfox , a free cleaning software that cleans your mailbox in no time while protecting your personal data.

The different applications to clean mailboxes

An application to clean your mailbox is essential to clean your mailbox, without having to manually deleting the unnecessary emails. Indeed, it is annoying to unsubscribe multiple times from newsletters; in particular when you are not even registered.

Moreover, blocking every spam and advertising email is not a given, especially since those messages are uninteresting and sometimes scams.

It then becomes necessary to use a cleaning application to avoid having to manually delete your emails. Some softwares also give you the possibility to group all the promotional offers that interest you in an unic folder. It is very practical when trying to free your mailbox.

In order to work, the application must be associated to your mailbox. It can then directly access your personal information and may sell them to other companies. It is then important to verify the platform’s confidentiality policy.

Cleanfox: unsubscribe from newsletters in a single click!

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Cleanfox is a mailbox cleaner developed by the Foxintelligence company based in Paris. Additionally, the platform is available on phones as an application on IOS and Android.

Cleanfox scans your mailbox and detects the newsletters received. The software then gives you the choice between deleting them and/or unsubscribing or again keeping the messages that seem interesting.

Thus, your mailbox does not go down under a ton of messages anymore. At the same time, you also help minimize the impact of your emails on the environment. Indeed, the emails are stored in energy consuming servers.

Personal data security with Cleanfox

Contrary to some cleaning applications, such as ; Cleanfox chose to integrate the GDPR, which allows us to offer our services to the residents of Europe.

Foxintelligence is a startup that abides to european laws. The users have the right to refuse the use of their personal data, according with the GDPR. Cleanfox respects the users privacy and guarantees their personal data security. Foxintelligence does not and will never sell your personal data.

Plus, the startup uses entirely transparent and secure programs and systems. The company earns money with statististics, especially the estimation of revenues, the rhythm of development of e-commerce and the internet linked pollution; Cleanfox does not make money out of selling the personal data of its users.

The data used is anonymous and is not enough to establish a connection between an user. Also know that you will not be the object of advertising when using Cleanfox.

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