How to Create a Orange Mail Address?

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Orange mail is a pioneer of the french internet market. In 2018 only, Orange registered 593 000 new fibre subscriptions and 11,8 million connectable homes for a whopping total of 2,6 million fiber clients. Creating an Orange mail address is easy and fast. Discover how to proceed and how to clean your mailbox with an efficient tool.

The history of Orange mailboxes

Wanadoo is an old branch of France Telecom which started as an internet supplier in 1995. The company and Ma Ligne TV were bought by Orange in 2006. Orange Business Services is the Orange brand specialised in telecommunication solutions: home and mobile phones, data transmission, internet, company local servers.

In January 2007, the France Telecom Foundation changed name and became the Orange Foundation. Hence, all the agencies became Orange stores. The name changing act became official as of July 1st 2013.

Furthermore, Orange develops websites such as the Voila search engine and the video game website Goa as well as type 2.0 internet portals with Pikeo or Bubbletop.

How can I obtain an Orange account?

In order to create an Orange email address, you may go to the homepage of the client space and type the password received by SMS. Choose your line and follow the instructions for each type of line:

  • If you are a mobile telephone client, type in your phone number to receive an access code
  • If you are a phone client, type your home Orange phone number and you will receive an access code on the number you registered when subscribing
  • If you are a data client, connect to your modem. The number will be automatically recognised.
  1. Validate an email address and define a new password
  2. Create your profile and add new lines to your customer account
  3. Complete your personnal information: email address, phone number, username…)

Why create an Orange mailbox?

Creating an Orange mailbox gives numerous advantages:

  • Sending and receiving emails is simple and secured
  • It is possible to create up to 9 Orange mailboxes
  • You can find all your messages in your Orange mailbox and messages coming from other mailboxes (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail…)
  • Orange put a protection against viruses and undesirable emails at your disposal

Configure your Orange mailbox

If you want to set up your Orange mailbox, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Orange mail icon to open your inbox
  2. Click on Connect an Orange mailbox
  3. Type in your identifications (email address and password)
  4. Click on Finish to confirm
  5. Click on retrieve my contacts
  6. Select Install and click on OK to confirm
  7. Click on Continue to access your mailbox
  8. Click on Open
  9. The configured account is displayed, with the emails received from the new mailbox

Clean your Orange mailbox

You can clean your mailbox by sorting the messages and clicking on the arrow to delete them. To add a sender to your red list, click on the “Send to undesirable” button.

  • If you don’t have the time to select your messages once at a time, you can use Cleanfox. This tool enables you to delete undesirable emails in a single click. Furthermore, Cleanfox allows you to unsubscribe from Orange’s newsletters and undesirables emails. Thus, this free software makes cleaning your Orange mailbox an easy task.

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