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Orange mail offers a wide range of services to ease your communications. Indeed, you possess a storage capacity of 10GB for your emails and can create up to 9 different Orange mailboxes. How can you access it? How can you set up your mailbox? What are the advantages of Orange’s mailbox? We’ll tell you all about it in the following article.

Is my email address hosted by Orange?

Orange is the the first internet supplier of France. Thus, you can integrate your email address to your Orange mailbox where it is initially hosted. Then, connecting to your account becomes easier.

How to create an Orange account? 

Follow these instructions in order to create your Orange account:

  1. Click on the link create an account from the homepage of Orange’s customer space.
  2. Choose your line (mobile client, fix or data) and type your access code.
  3. Confirm your email address by clicking on the linked received by mail
  4. Create a password
  5. Create your profile and add new lines to your account
  6. Complete your personal information: email and postal address
  7. Type in your email address username and your password

Orange offers the possibility to change your email address from to Nevertheless, this procedure must be realised manually. Still, the messages and settings from the mailbox are kept identical.

How to access your Orange mailbox?

The portal allows you to consult your emails in complete security from any support (compter, tablet, smartphone…).

In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Access the portal from your web browser
  2. Select your username by using one of the options: use a previous account or use another account
  3. Click on continue
  4. Type in your password. If you don’t remember it, click on “I forgot my password” to reset your password
  5. In order to maintain your connection for your following connexions, tick the “Stay connected” box. You will only need to click on “Identify myself” the next you connect.
  6. After identifying, you are automatically brought to the email service.
  7. From the homepage of, you can click on the mail rubric, on the mail envelope or also on “Your mail services” icon.
  8. You then have the choice between viewing your emails, sending a new email or discovering the different functionalities of Orange Mail.

Set up your Orange mailbox

In order to set up your Orange mailbox, you simply need to:

  1. Open your inbox by clicking on the Orange Mail icon
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on “Connect an Orange mailbox”
  3. Type in your Orange email address and the associated password. Click on Finish to confirm
  4. Click on Find my contacts
  5. Choose install, click then select OK to confirm
  6. Click on Open
  7. The account you just set up is then displayed, with the received emails from the new inbox.

An Orange mailbox advantages

  1. The Orange mailbox helps to consult, receive and send emails in absolute safety thanks to protections installed by Orange in order to fight against viruses and spams.
  2. The push notifications alert you of incoming emails
  3. You can sort and delete your emails on the Orange Mail application. They will also be deleted from any support you use.
  4. Your mailbox also allows you to find your Orange contacts.
  5. You can configure the mail servers
  6. The Orange Mail enables you to group all your emails, whether they come from Orange or another mailbox (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)
  7. You can send files weighing up to 25MB and easily view the attached files in your mails.
  8. Your emails can be sorted, archived and moved in your various folders.

Clean your Orange mailbox 

In order to clean your Orange mailbox, you need to:

  1. Access your mailbox
  2. Sort your messages by clicking on the arrow
  3. Sort by size
  4. Select your messages and delete them

You can also block an undesirable sender’s access by clicking on “Send to undesirable” then the link “Add to red list”.

Cleaning your mailbox becomes easier thanks to Cleanfox, a free application that sorts out undesirable messages. With a single click, you can unsubscribe from all the spams and newsletters you’re not interested in anymore. Additionally, you can get unsubscribe from the Orange’s info letters that invade your mailbox.

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