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Have you ever thought of exploiting to the full the various free features Microsoft offers with your Hotmail account? You can do much more than only receiving and sending emails. In this article, we give you Hotmail tips that will help you increase your productivity. Follow our guide on how to create an Hotmail account.

1 – Good inbox management practices

One of the Hotmail tips we can give is: Keep your mailbox neat, without unnecessary emails. It also helps to have your Hotmail emails classified into folders, according to different categories. Finally, you may want to use the Focused Inbox features. For more tips on your Hotmail, read our article on the six apps and extensions we suggest.

2 – Create backups

Just like offline files need to be backed up onto your cloud storage, you should make regular backups of your Hotmail emails. Hackers are going out of the way to steal people’s accounts, and our tips on your Hotmail account will advise you to back up your emails onto your local storage.

Email size is typically small, so you don’t need to worry about the space your emails will occupy in your drive. If you have trouble signing in to your account, click here to read our guide.

3 – Rules to organize folders

When it comes to organizing your folders, setting up rules saves time. This feature automatically moves emails into the right folders for them to be easily accessed. You can update your rules from time to time according to your new preferences.

4 – Use junk email filters

In addition to the “Rules” option, junk email filters also allow your Hotmail account to make decisions concerning spam or spam-like emails. Spam emails may fill up your Hotmail inbox, and you would need much time to delete hem. Reach inbox zero with the help of Cleanfox.

5 – Email delivery schedule

You can also save time by scheduling the delivery of an email. The latter will stay in your Outbox for a certain amount of time after you click “Send”. You don’t need to set a particular reminder for an email to be sent later.

6 – Use colors and flags

Another one of our Hotmail tips for organizing your mailbox is: Categorize your emails by simply assigning different colors to them. You may also flag important emails that are associated with tasks to be done. The flags will help you locate them much more easily.

7 – Notification adjustment

For incoming emails, you can adjust your notification settings so you are alerted every time an important email comes in even when you are not working on your Outlook tab.

8 – Use Outlook Calendar request

With your Outlook Calendar, you can organize a meeting with other people and send every one of them a meeting request. According to their responses, your Calendar will be updated.

9 – Use Outlook templates

To save time writing emails, you may also consider using the Outlook template feature. You can create the templates yourself, so next time you want to send emails, you only need to select a template, personalize it and type the content you want. This is one of our favorite Hotmail tips for time management: You don’t need to write the same emails over and over.

10 – Unsubscribe newsletters

If your inbox is cluttered with unnecessary emails, just unsubscribe from newsletters to stop receiving the same emails.

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