Outlook vs Gmail – Which is the Best Email Provider?

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No one wants to use more than one email provider. One mailbox is already hard enough to manage, and of course, managing two is harder. That’s why in this article we want to discuss two of the best email providers you can select from. Should you use Outlook or Gmail?

What are the Outlook advantages?

Deciding which of these email providers you should use, Outlook or Gmail, is difficult. A lot of the parameters that intervene in our comparison are subjective, and we won’t dig into technical details such as Outlook Exchange. However, we can point out features specific to Outlook.

When you light on an email that you rank first priority, Outlook offers you the possibility to pin that email to the top. You can have easy access to that email and won’t miss a chance to notice it. Moreover, you can have Outlook schedule an email if you ever wish to have it sent only later. Also, you can easily access Outlook calendar, which helps you keep organized and keeps you in touch with other users. Most importantly, Outlook offers particular products that Gmail doesn’t.

Outlook specific products

Along with Outlook, which is specifically for email, other programs are made available to users online: OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams–all of which allow businesses to operate with performance and simplicity.

Is Outlook better than Gmail?

One may prefer the Outlook core features over those offered by Gmail. However, it remains a question whether that makes Outlook better than Gmail. We shall discuss the main differences between the two email providers below.

Editing emails

Both email providers offer the Reading Pane option for users, but it is by default off in both. What makes them different to some extent is the user-friendliness of the switching-on process. In Outlook, users can switch on the Reading Pane more easily. Also, Outlook makes it possible for users to insert GIFs right in the email editing window.

Spam Filter

Gmail spam filter works effectively. It is rare that a spam email gets through, and that goes the same for an important email getting into the spam folder. Outlook, however, requires much configuration on the part of its users, and its anti-spam process is limited. For more efficiency, take an anti-spam software.

Storage Space

Both Microsoft and Google give a free 15-GB storage space for their users. This space is not devoted to mailboxes alone. For Gmail users, it is clear that the 15-GB space is used for both their emails and their cloud storage. By the way, cloud storage services include OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. Should they need more space for their Gmail and Google Drive, they can purchase extra space. Outlook doesn’t give clear information about how much of the total space offered a user can use for his or her emails. In any case, you need to delete unimportant emails regularly.

Email management: folder and filter

Email management surely is much different between the two email providers. Outlook allows users to classify emails in folders and subfolders. Users can also flag or pin particular emails. Gmail users also have the possibility to manage emails, but in categories and labels.
While flags are used in Outlook, marks and stars are used by Gmail users. Also, emails in Gmail are directly received on one of these three tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. At Cleanfox, we want to help you manage your mailbox better with efficient tools. Find out how to connect to Cleanfox with your Gmail address.

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