Hotmail, Outlook, MSN : 5 Things You Need to Know

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Hotmail is a free and secure email provider launched in 1994 by Microsoft, known first under the trademark MSN. It is one of the most popular mailboxes in the world.

You will find in the following article the main steps to manage efficiently your Hotmail inbox and all the advantages you can benefit from it: improve how you use your inbox, your email cleaning process or your app optimization.

1. How to create a Hotmail email address?

Creating a Hotmail email address is both fast and easy. But first, you should ask yourself the following question: why create a Hotmail email address?

Having a Hotmail account has many advantages. First, let’s remind Hotmail is a free email provider. you have a strong email security guaranteed thanks to Microsoft anti-viruses and anti-spams tools. You can also connect multiple mailboxes from other email supplier accounts. Outlook offers a lot of other services: contact database, calendar, tasks,etc. Additionally, you can directly send an email from Word. All these advantages can be time-saving in your daily life that is why creating a Hotmail address is serious option to increase your productivity.

How to connect to Hotmail?

In order to connect to Hotmail, an account must first be opened. Here are the following steps to achieve it:

1. Go to the Hotmail/Outlook registration page

2. Create a username and check its availability

3. Complete the “Create your password” and “Create your password reset options” in the specified fields. Choose a strong password to protect your personal data

4. Also complete the “Account information” field entering name, date and place of birth

5. Type down the series of numbers and letters in the “Verification” field and click on “I agree” at the bottom of the page

Once you have created your account, you can easily check your emails.

How to set up a Hotmail account?

Once your Hotmail account is created, you need to set it up in order to receive emails:

1. Open your inbox.

2. Click on “Options” at the top right

3. Select “More options”

4. Open “Account Management” then click on “Receive and send messages from other mailboxes”

5. Click on “You can receive mails from these accounts” then on “add another email address”

6. Click on “Advanced options” then complete the required information (address, username, Hotmail password, etc.)

7. Verify that the box “This server requires a secure connexion (SSL)” is not ticked and the port should be 110

8. Select “Leave a copy of my messages on the server” in order to read your messages on Outlook or other mailboxes

9. Click on “Next”

10. Choose the folder that will hold all your incoming messages

11. Click on “Save”

2. How to change a Windows Live Hotmail password?

Because we have plenty of accounts, we also have plenty of passwords. To make it easier for us to get connected, email providers used to remember our login details, but it has a counterpart: we forget them over time as we don’t use them often. However, there is good news: anyone can easily reset or change his or her password.

How to reset a Windows Live Hotmail forgotten password?

If you have forgotten your Hotmail password, do not panic! You can reset a new one in no time:

1. Type in your Hotmail email address, and click “Next”

2. Click “Forgot my password” at the top of your screen

3. Select “I forgot my password” on the “Why can’t you sign in?” page, and proceed with “Next”

4. Verify the email address written, type the characters in the image, and click “Next”

5. Click “Use a different verification option” to select the option that suits you

6. Select the email or text option if you have a recovery email address or a phone number on file, and click “Send code”. You will then receive a mail or text message with a code that you will need to enter on the next page

7. Go to the authenticator app if this has been enabled in the past, and click “Next”. Then enter the code you see in the app

8. Select “I don’t have any of these” if none of the options above suits you, and follow the on-screen instructions

9. Choose and type a new password in both fields, and click “Next”

How to change a Windows Live Hotmail password from a personal account?

At some point, you may need to change your Hotmail password, in particular if you suspect that someone is using your account without your consent. You may also feel that your Hotmail password is not enough secure. To change your Hotmail password:

1. Sign into your Hotmail account. For further information, please follow our guide to connect to your Hotmail mailbox

2. Click on your profile picture

3. Select “View account”

4. Click “Change password”

5. Type in your current password, and click “Sign in”

6. Click “Send code”, and enter the code (received via email or text)

7. Now enter your current password and then the new password, and click “Confirm”

8. To complete the process, click “Next”. You will then receive an email that confirms that you have changed your Hotmail password

3. How can you clean your Hotmail mailbox ?

Hotmail enables you to efficiently and easily manage your emails. Nevertheless, do not forget to regularly clean your mailbox in order to increase its performance. Cleaning your mailbox helps gaining storage space. You also gain in productivity and efficiency. Also, it represents an eco-friendly gesture since the stored emails are a source of numerical pollution: one email equals to 10g CO2 emission.

How can I manually delete my emails?

To manually delete the emails on Outlook, follow these instructions:

1. Select the messages you wish to delete

2. Click on Delete above the reading panel

You can also empty your inbox:

1. Tick the box above the list of emails

2. In the reading pane, select “Empty the folder”

3. Then empty the deleted files folder. Above the list of messages, select “Empty the folder”

When using a web browser on your mobile phone:

1. Tap and hold the email to select it

2. Choose the “Select” key at the very top of the page

3. Select the trash icon to delete all the selected elements

Clean your mailbox with Cleanfox

Manually deleting your emails is time consuming and requires a certain level of focus in order to efficiently delete the useless emails. The best option is to choose Cleanfox, a free and efficient tool which makes deleting emails easy. This tool enables you to clean your mailbox, delete the undesirable emails and unsubscribe from uninteresting newsletters.

In order to use Cleanfox, you must link it to your mailbox. The software will then proceed to a thorough scan of your mailbox. Afterwards, this tool will sort your messages by sender. In only a few minutes, every old email, spam and newsletters will be displayed on your screen.let’s try it right now!

4. How to increase productivity in Hotmail?

In our daily life, we always want to increase our productivity and gain time over our day. And usually, we do not take enough advantage of all the options we have. For instance, have you ever thought of exploiting to the full the various free features Microsoft offers with your Hotmail account? You can do much more than only receiving and sending emails. Here are some tips and you will find further tips in this article Top 10 Hotmail productivity tips.

Good inbox management practices

One of the Hotmail tips we can give is: Keep your mailbox neat, without unnecessary emails. It also helps to have your Hotmail emails classified into folders, according to different categories. Finally, you may want to use the Focused Inbox features. For more tips on your Hotmail, read our article on the six apps and extensions we suggest.

Email delivery schedule

You can also save time by scheduling the delivery of an email. The latter will stay in your Outbox for a certain amount of time after you click “Send”. You don’t need to set a particular reminder for an email to be sent later.
Use Microsoft OneDrive to save your file

You can install Microsoft OneDrive on any device you use, and Microsoft takes charge of your cloud storage free of charge. First, you need to have a Microsoft account to start using Microsoft OneDrive on your PC. Please follow these steps to access your OneDrive app.

1. Go to “Start” and look for “OneDrive”. It should already be installed if you use Office 365. If you are not able to find it, please go to the OneDrive download page, and download OneDrive for PC.

2. Click the top result.

3. Enter your Microsoft email address, and press “Enter”.

4. Type your Microsoft password, and click “Sign in”.

5. Click the “Next” button.

Use junk email filters

In addition to the “Rules” option, junk email filters also allow your Hotmail account to make decisions concerning spam or spam-like emails. Spam emails may fill up your Hotmail inbox, and you would need much time to delete them. Reach inbox zero with the help of Cleanfox.

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