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MSN UK not only allows you to access your emails via its messaging service, but also to discover the latest news, weather, the most important news of the day, etc. To optimize the performance of your Hotmail, Outlook or Live mailbox, clean it regularly with Cleanfox software.

Learn more about MSN UK

Formerly known as The Microsoft Network, MSN is a service created by Microsoft in 1994. Originally, The Microsoft Network was an online service and Internet service provider. MSN was launched on August 24, 1995 with Windows 95. Over the years, MSN’s free messaging service has changed its name several times. Hotmail was renamed Windows Live Mail and became Outlook in 2013.
In the late 1990s, MSN was used to designate other services, including Hotmail and Microsoft Messenger, which were renamed Windows Live in 2005. In 2000, MSN adopted a new logo and interface. Finally, it offers several services such as free Hotmail messaging, Messenger instant messaging and MSN Search service, thematic areas such as shopping, finance, automotive, etc..

All MSN mailbox

Logging into your MSN account allows you to check your mailbox, receive and send messages, but also to access other services provided by the web portal.

Hotmail mailbox

A person residing in France can choose between an email address or However, it should be noted that following the name change of this Microsoft email service, once you have created a Hotmail address, you will automatically be redirected to Outlook.

Outlook mailbox

Much more than an email application, and have multiple features including calendar, task and contact management. For more extensive functions, you can use it in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server. You can share mailboxes, schedules, etc. The latest version, Outlook 2016, features new features such as adding groups instead of distribution lists and adding email address internalization.

Live mailbox

Windows Live allowed you to create a free email address. MSN services also included Windows Live Calendar, Translator, Photos, OneCare, etc. Finally, Windows Live Messenger, the instant messaging service, disappeared around 2013, especially after Microsoft bought Skype.

How to clean your MSN UK mailbox

Whatever MSN address you want to create, it is essential to clean your mailbox frequently. This will allow you to better manage your emails by getting rid of those that unnecessarily clutter your email.
It is not easy to delete unwanted emails and unsubscribe from newsletters manually. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use a software that performs these time-consuming tasks for you. This way, you can focus on the essentials of your work and gain in productivity and efficiency.
Cleanfox is easy to use. Simply associate it with your email by typing your Hotmail, Live or Outlook address. The software scans all your messages and sorts them by senders. With a single click, you can clean your mailbox and optimize its performance. Also, you save storage space on your hard drive.

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