Who Created The First Email ? 10 Dates To Remember

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Email became an essential tool for everybody in the 21st century. Everybody uses it but nobody really knows the history and the creation of emails. Since the first email to nowadays. We wanted to give you few important dates about the history of emails to be able to say “Do you know where emails are coming from? No? I will explain it to you” at a fancy dinner. ?

Here are the key dates to shine among your friends!

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1971: U.S. programmer Raymond Tomlinson allegedly sent “QWERTYUIOP” as the first network email, and he was the first to connect his computer to his mailbox by using an “@” symbol. Yes, this guy is a genius! ?

1977: People began using the Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (DARPA) which is an agency responsible for the development of emerging technologies for military, to connect outside networks.

1981: Introduction of a process of letters, punctuation and symbols to store information. It’ seem so simple, but at the time it was really crazy! ?

1985: Beginning of common email users in the mid-1980s by students, military employees and professionals.

1991: Tim Berners-Lee, known as TimBL, is an English engineer and computer scientist but he is best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. To understand easily the World Wide Web (“WWW” or “The Web”) is the part of the Internet that contains websites and webpages.

1998: “Spam” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. One spam it is 0,3g of CO2. Spam messages account for 59.56 percent of e-mail traffic worldwide in 2017.

1997: Microsoft bought Hotmail for approximately $400 million.

2003: BlackBerry smartphones were released, revolutionizing the mobile platform around email use.

2011: A study finds the worst email passwords are password and 123456. We found it funny to add to this list! ?

2017: 10 billion emails are exchanged in 1 hour worldwide, it’s like 4 000 round trip Paris New York by plane in term of CO2 released.

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