How to make your mailbox more efficient?

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The messages piling up in your mailbox can reduce your focus just like the notifications that keep popping on your screen. The ideal would be to avoid stacking the unread emails. Hence, we should make a distinction between urgent and non-urgent messages such as spams or useless newsletters. The better option remains organizing your mailbox in order to only receive important emails and thus make your mailbox more efficient.

The advantages of a mailbox more efficient

A well organized mailbox is synonymous with productivity and efficiency gains. Furthermore, you will not consult useless emails hence avoiding time waste.

A tidy mailbox also permits you to gain storage space on your hard drive. You can then optimize the performances of your device, which will be faster when starting.

Moreover, a tidy mailbox is essential for your data security. Indeed, you avoid being assailed by spammers and dubious companies trying to steal your identification for dishonest means.

Furthermore, the majority of internet users are still oblivious to this fact but deleting useless emails can save the planet. More concretely, high levels of energy are consument when sending, storing and receiving an email. Thereby, you are doing an eco-friendly action by reducing your carbon footprint when cleaning your mailbox.

How to organize your mailbox?

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Adopt the Inbox Zero method to avoid your mailbox being constantly full. Possessing an empty mailbox considerably reduces stress and allows you to fully concentrate on your job.

You can also decide in advance when to consult your mailbox and at which frequency. Sort your messages by sorting them in specific folders based on their importance or when you wish to handle them.

Reserve a moment in your day to make sure that your messages have been handled or sorted. Hence, you can alert your correspondent if you do not have the time to answer to a specific email.

Also, put more emphasis on automatic answers and avoid using the “answer to all” command. Create an electronic signature to avoid writing your coordinates every time at the bottom of your emails.

In order to optimize the organization of your mailbox, synchronize the emails coming from different mailboxes. Set up your mailbox so that all your messages land in the same mailbox. Also, do not hesitate to block the senders of undesirable emails to stop receiving tons from emails from them.

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Cleanfox is a free software specifically built to help internet users better organize their mailboxes in order to gain time and efficiency. This tool is easy to use and enables a fast cleaning of your mailbox.

It is essential on any device: computer, smartphone, tablet. Once a mailbox is associated to this tool, it identifies the obsolete, undesirable emails, and useless newsletters.

Finally, Cleanfox gives you the possibility to delete them or unsubscribe in order to stop receiving messages from these senders.

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