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Managing your emails is essential to gain in productivity and efficiency. Indeed, having a ton of unread emails can greatly affect your focus. The same goes for popping notifications and alerts on your mailbox. Choosing to adopt the Zero Inbox method becomes sometimes necessary. To do so, use a smart software which enables you to definitely delete the unnecessary emails.

Why manage your emails?

Organising your emails allows you to better concentrate on your work and other more important tasks. This also represents a non negligible eco-friendly action by reducing the numerical pollution. Also, you optime the capabilities of your device and free storage space.

Gain in productivity

By having a better organised mailbox, you won’t have to always consult them. Furthermore, this helps in reducing stress. Additionally, your data enjoy more security since you receive less spams or advertising emails.

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Every messaging provider (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.) offer the possibility to manage your emails. Therefore, you can sort, move filter them, etc. You can do all these actions directly from any device: Android smartphone, iPhone, Windows, Mac…Download an antivirus or anti spam. Finally, smart messaging applications will enable you to only important emails.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Emails are important numerical pollution agents because they consume high levels of energy. They are kept in energy consuming data center if you store them for too long. The energy at work depends on the number of receivers and the presence or not of attached files and their weight.

Managing your mailbox then helps in reducing the energetic footprint left by your emails. Thus, having a streamed mailbox contributes to saving the planet by limiting the numerical pollution. Moreover, a study showed that deleting 50 emails is the equivalent to turning off 1.6 billion low consumption light bulbs for an hour.

Cleanfox, the application designed to unsubscribe from newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most cumbersome elements in our mailbox. Receiving a newsletter can sometimes be a source of stress, especially when we do not remember registering on the senders’ website. In this case, said newsletter can be considered as an undesirable email.

To stop receiving them, you must unsubscribe. Cleanfox is a free software which allows you to definitely unsubscribe from newsletters that you do not read and spams which invade your mailbox. This software is also available as an application on mobile phone. In order to use it, you simply need to associate to your mailbox. The tool will then automatically detect the undesirable messages and newsletters based on their senders.

After scanning your mailbox, Cleanfox will give you the option to either delete the emails and/or unsubscribe to stop receiving them. If you ever have doubts, you can always choose to keep your emails and not do anything. Finally, you can always retrieve an email from the trash of your mailbox under 30 days after their deletion if you ever deleted an email by accident.

After every usage, Cleanfox gives you information on the quantity of CO2 consumed and congratulates you on your eco-friendly action. It is important to note that your personal data is perfectly secure et will never be shared. Indeed, Foxintelligence, the startup behind this software, respects the GRDP.

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Clean your mailbox now!

Do you get hunders of newsletters that you don’t read? Cleanfox enables you to remove and block them with just one click.

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