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Welcome to our blog post on How to Stop Spam Email. If you’ve ever been frustrated by unwanted and annoying messages flooding your inbox, worry not! In this article, we’ll share effective techniques to regain control and keep spam away. Let’s dive in and reclaim your inbox today!

What is a Spam Email?

Spam is an advertising email sent by a professional or an individual to people who have not given their prior consent.

Studies show that in 2022 spam represents 56,5% of total email traffic. (nearly 14.5 billion messages globally per day!).

Despite the evolution of anti-spam software, such as spam filters and spam blockers, the negative effects of spam are still being felt by individuals and businesses alike.

The most common Spam Email themes

To help you identify spam emails in your mailbox, here are some recurring themes:

  • Adult category: spammers offer services aimed at adult individuals: pornography, matrimonial advice, love announcements…
  • Finances: This type of spam gives an incentive to borrow money, buy on credit or invest
  • Multimedia: Anti-virus softwares, anti-spams, hosting services and website optimisations services are in this category
  • Spiritual: This category refers to all unrequested emails related to spiritual evangelisation or spiritual matters (astrology, psychology, religion, theology…

Spam Emails also often talk about scams, health an even education.

Why Do we need to Protect ourselves from Spam Email? 

Financial Risks

Spams can infect your computer through a Virus or Spyware.

  Here are some examples of dangerous types of spams:

  • If you’re asked to recover millions of euros in exchange for a percentage (invest abroad, chain letters, Ponzi scheme…). It is probably a scam.
  • If you receive emails from the servers indicating that you have not been able to send an email, this is called a bounce.   In this case, the spammers have stolen your identity and are sending e-mails with your name on them.
  • The spammer can also use your personal data (login details, password credit card number, etc.) to unscrupulous ends by stealing your identity. This phenomenon is called phishing.

Decline in Productivity

Spam not only steals money from business owners, but it also wastes employees’ time.

On average, a person loses 20 seconds evaluating and deleting spam messages one by one.

Wasted Storage Space  

Spam must be received by the mailbox and therefore often requires additional storage capacity. If you are concerned you can read our article on how to clear Gmail storage.

Quickly stop Spam Emails with Cleanfox 💡

Cleanfox is now deploying an anti-spam solution within its application. Our system is able to detect spam and block it in seconds. If you don’t have a Cleanfox account yet, you can download the app for free and create an account in minutes.

  1. Go to Cleanfox, and apply the list view.
list view cleanfox
  1. Click on “Spams” folder
spam delete cleanfox
  1. Click on “Select all” at the bottom of the screen
select all cleanfox
  1. Then click on the red button located on the left to block & delete all selected emails

Blocking and deleting a spam email (swipe left, or click on red button) means all the emails from that sender will be deleted, and you won’t receive any more email from that spammy sender.

If you prefer to clean your inbox in “Card view” (default view) you can also block spam:

spam email in cleanfox
  1. Spam will be flagged with a label to help you identify them quickly.
block email cleanfox
  1. Swipe left each time a card is flagged as “Spam” to block future emails from that sender.

Stop Spam Emails in Gmail

block spam emails in Gmail
  1. Open your Gmail inbox and locate the email from the sender you want to block.
  2. Click on the email to open it. On the right-hand side of the email, you will see an ellipsis menu (three dots).
  3. Click on the ellipsis menu to expand it, and then select the option that says “Block this user” or “Block this sender.”
block sender gmail
  1. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm that you want to block the sender. Click on the “Block” button to proceed.
  2. By blocking the sender, you create a rule that automatically sends any future emails from that sender to the spam folder.

For more advanced techniques like spam filters, read our complete guide: How to stop spam Emails in Gmail.

Stop Spam Email on Outlook

  1. Go to and log-in
  2. Open your inbox.
  3. Identify Spam Emails in your Outlook inbox.
  4. Right-click on spam emails and choose “Report Junk.”
  1. Then, right-click and “Block” the sender to stop receiving emails from him

On Outlook Mobile application:

  1. Open the Outlook mobile app on your device.
  2. Choose the spam email that you want to move.
  3. Look for the “Move to” icon located at the bottom toolbar of the app.
  4. Tap on “Move to”.
  1. Select “Junk” from the options provided.

By following these steps, you can move unwanted spam emails to the Junk folder, effectively keeping your inbox cleaner and free from spam.

More Techniques top block spam emails are covered on our guides: How to stop spam Emails on Outlook & How to stop spam Emails on Hotmail.

Stop Spam Emails on Yahoo

If you’re annoyed by a spam sender on Yahoo, we recommend you to block its email address :

  1. Click the Settings icon (gear-shaped) located at the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail interface. Then, select “More Settings” from the dropdown menu.
settings yahoo
  1. In the “More Settings” section, find and click on “Security and Privacy.”
settings yahoo
  1. Scroll down to locate “Blocked addresses” and click the “Add” button next to it.
block spam yahoo
  1. A new window will appear where you can enter the email address you want to block. Type in the email address and click “Save” to confirm.

To Mark an email as “Spam” on Yahoo:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail Account
  2. Go through your Inbox and select the check boxes next to the email messages you want to classify as spam. For multiple selections, use the check boxes next to each message.
  3. Locate the toolbar at the top of the screen and Click on “Spam” option.
mark email as spam yahoo

After moving the emails to the Spam folder, Yahoo Mail will identify and remember the senders as spammers. Yahoo Mail uses the information.

Our Guide on How to Stop spam Emails on Yahoo, will give you more elements and useful techniques. If you often use Yahoo mail, we really encourage you to read it!

Stop Spam Emails on iPhone

  1. Open the Mail application on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to your inbox to see the list of emails you’ve received.
iphone mail inbox
  1. Identify the spam sender or email user you want to block.
  2. Tap on the email from the sender you want to block.
  3. Inside the email, click on the sender’s name or email address to open their profile.
iphone mail sender
  1. Look for the option that says “Block this contact” and select it.
block spam email iphone
  1. Confirm your action by clicking “Block this contact” again.
  2. The contact is now blocked, and they won’t be able to send you spam emails anymore.

Fore more techniques and advanced tips, Read our guide How to stop spam emails on iPhone.

How to prevent receiving Spam Emails?

Look what you’re signing up for:

Don’t give your email address to companies if you have little information or if you don’t trust them.

Check that the site is secure with a padlock in the URL.

website security

For reputable companies, you will (normally) get an unsubscribe link at the bottom of their mail or next to their email address.

Unsubscribe link

This also applies to people. 

Provide the Least amount of Information:

When filling up a form, only give the minimum of information. You could even give fake information.

Try to give out your name as less as possible.

You should avoid common emails such as when creating your address, these are the favorite targets of spams 

Consider a new Email address:

The best way to get less spam is to create a new email address.

Your new address will not appear on any of the mailing lists used by spammers – at least for a while.

How to Stop spam Emails – FAQs

What is the difference between a Spam and a Newsletter?

Spam refers to unsolicited, often irrelevant and annoying emails sent without the recipient’s consent, aiming to promote products or services aggressively. On the other hand, a newsletter is a voluntary subscription-based email communication that delivers valuable and informative content to subscribers who have opted in to receive updates, promotions, or news from a specific brand or website. Unlike spam, newsletters build trust and offer relevant content to engage and nurture a targeted audience.

Should I be worried if I get spam emails?

Receiving spam emails is very common on most Email providers.
However, you should be cautious and take steps to protect yourself. Avoid clicking on links or providing personal information to unknown sources. Mark spam emails, use filters, and keep software updated. Stay vigilant against phishing attempts.

Why am I suddenly getting so many spam emails?

Beware of public sharing or selling of your email: When signing up for services or making online purchases, your email address may be collected and sold to third-party marketers, leading to spam emails. Stay cautious!

What happens if you open a spam email

No need to worry if you open a phishing message without taking any action. Your data remains safe unless you interact with it.

What happens if you reply to a spam email?

When you reply to a scam email, it signals your active email address to scammers, making you a target for more attacks. Additionally, scammers might sell your email to other attackers. Stay vigilant!

Why is my email going to spam?

Your IP address is considered spam. You should check your email address with a tool like Mail-Tester.
You have used spam trigger words: Read the list of spam trigger words to avoid in 2023.

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