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An undesirable email or spam is generally sent to commercial ends or scams. In the majority of cases, the senders’ address is valid and the message does not contain an unsubscription link. How can you stop receiving these kind of emails? Do you simply need to delete them or use an anti-spam filter? How can we block spammers so that they stop sending us advertising emails? Everything will be explained in the following article.

What is an undesirable email?


An undesirable email is sent en masse to several unknowing receivers. They are most of the time advertisement for a product or a service. Sometimes, the spammer sends chain letters or proposals to become wealthy quickly or also malware advertisement.

Receiving spams is usually uncomfortable coupled with the negative effect they have on productivity and focus. Moreover, the undesirable emails also consume your storage space and bandwidth. They can occasionally escape the anti-spam filter of your mailbox and directly land in your inbox.

A spam is recognizable by its content, the absence of unsubscription links and the invalid sender address. In order to avoid your email address being hacked by spammers, you must never answer to their messages or click on the links displayed. Furthermore, opening an attached file sent by a spammer can expose your device to viruses. You can even be the victim of an identity theft.

How to manually delete your undesirable emails?

In general, undesirable emails are intercepted by your mailbox and directly moved to the spam folder. They are then automatically deleted after 30 days.

Nevertheless, you can proceed to a manual deletion of your spams if this duration seems too long. Never answer to these messages because you risk sharing your personal data. To manually delete a spam, you simply need to click on the trash icon next to the message. Also, you can group them and delete them all at once.

The ideal would be to block the access to people sending undesirable messages. Hence, you reduce the risk of receiving messages coming from them. You can do the same with newsletters that do not interest you.

In order to receive the least number of spams possible, do not give your address to the websites you visit or use a different email address. Automatize the treatment of emails as soon as they are received based on the senders’ address, attached files or sort them by using keywords. Additionally, you can opt for a more radical solution like the configuration of your mailbox in order to only receive messages coming from important contacts or by completely changing your email address.

Clean your mailbox with Cleanfox

Manually deleting the undesirable emails can be very time consuming. The ideal solution is to use a software that will delete them in your stead. On top of being free, Cleanfox is an anti-spam software easy to use. It is also available as a mobile application.

This software scans your mailbox and offers to quickly clean it with complete efficiency. Cleanfox also offers the possibility to unsubscribe from newsletters. Indeed, you may have forgotten that you registered to a newsletter. Cleanfox helps you get rid of every undesirable email and in a single click.

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