How can you delete all emails at once ?


Invented in 1971 by the engineer Raymond Samuel Tomlinson, the email is now an inevitable communication tool. Nonetheless, sending and receiving emails consumes a lot of energy and directly acts by emitting high levels of greenhouse gas. Therefore, you need to regularly clean your mailbox and delete all emails you don’t need to keep. It is beneficial to the user and represents an eco-friendly action for the planet. Discover how to proceed to an efficient cleaning of your mailbox.

Why delete your emails?

 Deleting your emails is essential in order to limit the numerical pollution. Indeed, sending, receiving and storing emails consume a lot of energy because they go through several different servers before reaching your mailbox.

 If you do not delete your emails, they will be kept in data centers. However, these data centers must constantly be cooled in order to function correctly. Moreover, the web queries and document downloads are also extremely polluting.

Studies show that deleting 50 emails is the equivalent to shutting off 1,6 billion low energy light bulbs for an entire hour. The energy produced by spams every year is the equivalent of the electrical consumption of 2,4 million households. These numbers are bound to keep on increasing if we do not quickly change our habits.

Additionally, deleting old emails, unnecessary newsletters and spams allows the user to gain in productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, your computer will become faster and function better. Finally, you will also gain additional storing space by deleting these emails.

How can you manually delete your emails?

To manually clean up your mailbox is indeed very time consuming but sometimes necessary. Think about saving your emails and important attached files beforehand to avoid definitely losing them.

How to delete the emails on Gmail?

Cleaning your Gmail mailbox is an easy step, which still requires some focus. The best solution is to delete several emails at the same time. In order to do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Once connected, choose a tab: Main, social media or promotions
  2. Tick the box which allows you to select the emails of the list
  3. Click on delete selected
  4. Repeat the same steps in order to delete the emails in other tabs.

How to delete your emails on Yahoo?

With the Yahoo webmail, you can delete entire groups of messages. In order to do so, please follow these instructions:

  1. Maintain the CTRL key of your keyboard
  2. Press the A key
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select the emails you wish to delete
  4. Click on OK to confirm

How to delete your emails on Hotmail?

The Outlook messaging allows you to program the emails deletion. Select the emails you wish to delete based on their senders.

Click on “Fold” at the top of the page and choose between:

  • Deleting (or archiving) every message of this sender
  • Deleting (or archiving) every message and blocking all incoming emails
  • Keeping the last email received and deleting (or archiving) the rest
  • Deleting (or archiving) the messages received more than 10 days ago
  • Confirm by clicking on Sort

Delete all your emails at once with Cleanfox

Cleanfox is an efficient software, easy to use, which allows you to delete all your emails in a single click. It helps in definitely unsubscribing from newsletters and rid yourself of spams. Once your mailbox is connected to Cleanfox, the software will sort out your emails. Afterwards, you will be given the possibility of choosing between deleting them, unsubscribing or keeping the important emails. After using the software, you will also receive some statistics relative to your eco-friendly action.

Clean your mailbox now!

Do you get hunders of newsletters that you don’t read? Cleanfox enables you to remove and block them with just one click.

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