5 good green resolutions to take in a few clicks

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New Year often rhymes with getting better.  But how many good New Year’s resolutions are quickly abandoned? So, to avoid a fall of will after a few days, we’ve put together a short list for you. Simple eco-gestures with a significant environmental impact. Targeted attacks against digital pollution, a type of pollution that is (almost) no longer present and against which we can act on its scale. Here are 5 good green resolutions to make in a few clicks. 

I extend the life of my devices

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Even if repairing one’s own phone is still a utopia, other actions are now possible. For example, not succumbing to the sirens of novelty and new features of questionable usefulness. 3 numbers are to be kept in mind:

  1. 88% of French people buy a new smartphone while theirs still works
  2. A smartphone goes around the world 4 times before arriving in your pocket.
  3. A French person throws away an average of 20kg of electronic waste per year.

The latest edition of the Digital Barometer indicates that 80% of French people are ready to buy second-hand equipment and or extend the life of those they already own. If you, too, would like to be part of the movement, don’t hesitate to discover the reconditioning supermarket, BackMarket

I turn off my internet box when I’m not using it

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At night when you go to bed, you don’t leave your light on (unless you are afraid of the dark or fall asleep on your couch). The same thing happens when you go to work or go on holiday. So why not unplug your internet box when you don’t need it? Is it to let your neighbour enjoy your connection? It’s up to him to adapt to your good resolutions for the planet! 

I’m sailing in green waters

Blue, red, yellow, blue, green and red. 4 different colors cover the 6 letters of the American search engine. But today, green has splashed out on the way we make an internet query. Notably the Germans of Ecosia specialized in reforestation or the French of Lilo which encourages associations. You can now benefit from the wealth of information on the web by compensating for the pollution of your research. Ecosia is committed to planting one tree per search. While browsing on Lilo you will be offered water drops to help the social and environmental projects you choose. 

I’m done listening to music on the street on YouTube

A widespread and unfortunately costly practice for our planet. 500,000 tons of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere every year as a result of this practice. Subscribing to a streaming platform will cost you too much? Then think about downloading videos of your favorite songs on your phone. The same advice also applies to streaming platform users. Downloaded music consumes less energy than music listened to online. Plus, you won’t have to take your mobile phone out in the middle of winter to play the ad. Before you realize that without a premium account, you’ll have to go through two in a row.

I’m sorting my mailbox

You didn’t think we’d miss out on these green resolutions, did you? Why keep newsletters from a private sale that ended three months ago? Why keep emails of social network notifications? And what about newsletters that you never opened and you’re still wondering why you receive them? If you’re lazy about cleaning up, Cleanfox is there for you. Download our free app and sort your emails: keep, delete or unsubscribe. In total, we save more than 20,000 tons of CO2 per year thanks to our fantastic 2.7 million users

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